Thursday, May 27, 2010

of emails

hari ni sangat busy kat office...

okay, ni nak cerita from the beginning... last week, i got an email from electrical engineer...tak payah laa sebut nama yer...

he wrote :

"Hi Dalila, can i have architectural layout plan for me to incorporate with our electrical equipment layout?"

i replied

"hi, please find attached are the latest updated architectural layout as per requested"

then, yesterday the electrical engineer email lagi, this time he needs clarification on the modelling of the living quarters that i designed, he emailed to me and project manager and he cc'd to other disciplines..

then the project manager replied to him to clarify (since pm dah reply, saye senyap jer laa..hehe) and project manager cc'd to this mr.s...(oh yer, other disciplines ni tak berani nak email and cc directly to mr.s they said he wont give answers easily....he will ask, why and why not use this and that yadda yadda.... hahaha....sometimes, small things become bigger... keje jadi lambat...)

suddenly today i got this email from mr.s...

he wrote:

"FYI. Please inform me what you are communicating with other disciplines, these emails can quite easily be forwarded on to the Client!!"

woahhhhhh agak sakit hati ini bila bace email macam tu pagi-pagi, nak pi buat air nescafe pun tak jadi.. rase mahu pi bilik dia and campak semua drawing kat dia... (okay kalau dreaming benda-benda macam tuu memang selalu laa.. tak payah nk tunggu dapat email dari mr.s pun... hahaha)

whats the problem if the clients know? at least the client knows we are communicating with everybody to get the job done... kan? cehhh..tu pun nak kecoh.. arghhhhhhhhhh

As advised by my senior.. she said.. "reply kat mr.s.. 'noted'......" and yes... i did.. huhuhu...

then my senior said... lepas ni, if anyone from other discipline email and asking this and that... forward je kat mr.s and said...."FYA"... lantak la sana, biar dia jawab email semua...kalau dia tak tau, pandai-pandai laa dia datang tanya... hahahaha