Sunday, December 27, 2009

27th birthday surprises

on 24th of december 2009 at;

12:04 am - received first birthday wish from beloved high school friend, cik lisz!!!
12:14 am - received second birthday wish from mr.h!!!

until the end of the day on 24th of december, i received more than 30 birthday wishes via my handphone and facebook... :D thank you so much for the kind thoughts and may you too have a wonderful years ahead...!!!

it started with a simple birthday wish... although i was on my medical leave due to flu and sore throat... i still felt appreciated, refreshing and excited with all the wishes!!!... my doctor said, my lung is infected and i need to get some rest, i'm glad my rest accompanied with all the birthday wishes and i'm recovering the moment i wrote this down... hehe...

13:49pm - was lying on my bed, reading the twilight book ( yerp!!..tak habis baca lagi, takut nanti cepat habis sebab i have to wait a bit longer for the next book...hehe) i received a call from unknown number, asking for my house number, i spontaneously tell her...and suddenly realized, i should have ask her name first!! hahaha blurrrr... she said, she's waiting outside to deliver me something, so i went down to see her... she brought 2 boxes of cupcakes, with a smile on her face... i was a bit blurred, i didnt ordered any cakes as far as i remember... but when she showed me the note.... i was all the way smiling and laughing and of course!!! excited!!! hehehe... thanks so much to kak peanut for delivering the lovely cupcakes from my mr.h... it was so lovely of you being very cooperative with mr.h for the surprise... hehehehe

27th december 2009

6:45am - i received instruction from mr.h, asking me to look for a girl name Loshini. He gave me the number to contact so that i can get a mystery gift... it took me a while to call Loshini, (takut laa if she busy with her things,so, terpaksa laa i wait till about afternoon) i messaged her and finally got to talk to her..she gave me her address... later in the afternoon after my pavilion visits with cik lisz, i went straight to Losh's house,unfortunately she went out when i was on the way to her house, but she passed the gift to her yeah!! met her mum and i got my mystery gift!!! it's a DKNY watch!!! another surprise for me!!! hehehe...thank u so much mr.h!!!!! this year, my birthday was full of surprises!!!!!

p/s : i am still floating in the air... how to go to work tomorrow?? more MC can?? hahaha

p/s/s : i do not have any intention to show off... it was solely because i'm too excited!!? and amazed, although we're in a long distance relationship, we can still make each other happy and feels the existence... :D

Friday, December 4, 2009

marble cake dan kebaya

haritu, hari raya haji, ibu papa di mekah, no one at home except me and my sisters, maktok (my mum's mum) was very kind to stay for a while with us... so, we celebrated together in my mum's house.

marble cake - balik dari office on thursday nite, i've decided to bake a marble cake!! alhamdulillah it turned out sedap! thanks to my kehkehkeh... lain2 dishes, maktok yg masak... ketupat, rendang ayam, sambal goreng and kuah lodeh...(i dont know how to cook....masak simple boleh laa..huhu..tapi masak untuk hari raya haji punya event... tak pandaiiiiii kahkahkah)

baju raya - thanks to tan choong tailor last...siap juga baju ku....tempah baju sebelum raya puasa, tapi seminggu sebelum raya haji baru siap... huhuhu... this is my first time wearing kebaya nyonya style in my life... hehehe...

ohhhhhhhhhh it's december!!!! what comes in december!!!!? a year older for me soon!