Tuesday, October 27, 2009

and so the long silence...

It has been a while; ramadhan and syawal left with many things for me to learn and to cherish. I am glad and blessed with what I have now...Alhamdulillah...

Occasions by occasions have been through very well, from celebrating raya in johor bharu, meeting up with my other half in KL and sending
him off to KLIA, being the most helpless bridesmaid for my lovely cousin (due to migraine attack yeahh..shame on me)...had the girls lunch out last week with orked! and last but not least, being the organizer for my parent’s kenduri doa selamat… oh ya, they’re going to mekah to perform their hajj this coming Friday insyaAllah…

Rayawas great! Had a family reunion.. 300 family members gathered in m-suites hotel johor bharu.. met so many cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents from all over… me myself being one of the organizing member had fun organizing the door gift (fun lah sangat..penat okay!! Hehehe) and the slide show of the history of my great great grandfather was the most tremendous part for the day!

Meeting up with my other half and sending him off to KLIA the next day – after all that me and him have been through… the misunderstandings, the heart breaking, the miscommunication, finally we both decided to give our self a second chance to build up the relationship…to start it again, to patch everything and to understands each other much better from before... long distance is a tough one I tell u!!! hehehe

Helpless bridesmaid for my lovely cuzzy – why helpless?? The day I arrived my cousin’s house, I felt drowsy and weak, I was supposed to help her rearrange her bedroom, end up I slept most of the day while the other cousin’s helping out bits here and there…huhuhu..sorry kak long.. but on her solemnization day, I managed to be or act like normal although I felt my head is falling off the ground! Hahaha… anyway, everything went well and glad she’s now someone’s wife!! (tak boleh nk tido dengan kak long and dengar bedtime story lagik!! Arghhhh that part memang tak best) haha

Lunch date with the girls and orked- ohhh it was fun! We had Japanese cuisine in pavilion.. the 7 of us…hkas and ex-hkas girls gathered in ichiban pavilion… listening to orked’s experience made me missing my good old days in the UK once upon a time… she’s flying off again this Thursday to continue her studies… gonna miss her so much!!

Organizing my parent’s kenduri – ohhhhhh exhausting but felt so relief when everything went very good, I didn’t expect for 100 invitations to fill the house that nite, but it turns out…more than 100 came!! Alhamdulillah,the food was lovely, million thanks to my sis in-law,aunties, uncles and cousins for helping me out… been running here and there and been hearing my name everywhere asking this and that... hahaha..i can’t even get myself to sit down for a second punnn…haihhhh but it was great…thanks to all who came dan semoga my parent selamat pergi dan selamat pulang… aminn!

i had a great time for my last few weeks but we never know what in store for us in the next few weeks, hope for the best and may all of us have a great one!!! one thing for sure, i have started missing my parents!!! and of course, i miss my other half too!!