Thursday, October 30, 2008

congkak harituu

lama tak main congkak....haritu kat rumah alynn ada congkak.....mula2 saye compete dengan shafie...pastu saye kalah...hmm biaselaa...heroin kena kalah dulu....hahaha tapi lepas tuu terus tak main..sebb orang lain dah hijack....

ada sorang budak kecik kat rumah alynn, tengok abang2 nih main congkak....then he asked the abang2..

adik kecik : kenapa letak tissue kat situ? tu rumah terbakar ker?

shafie and rifa'i : ha ah..nak bagi tanda rumah terbakar..

me: ooo panggil rumah terbakar ek?

adik kecik : ceh main macam pengecut..

rifa'i : errrrr

shafie : haa yelahh dah letak tepi tissue nih..

me : blurrrr (as usual)

adik kecik : gelak dengan sungguh berlagak..

Diorang pun sambung main congkak without the tissue...rifa'i dengan loser asik2 termasuk kat rumah terbakar and menyebabkan dia kalah bertanding..hahahaha.....the winner...of course laa encik shafie!!

rifa'i and shafie in action selepas kena sound dengan adik kecik...hahahaha

Friday, October 24, 2008

100 facts about me..tagged by fahimi dubaian

1. I'm a capricorn (born in december the 24)

2. born in the year of dog (tahun hanjing!)

3. first education was in the kindergarten somewhere in Newcastle upon tyne,England (mase tuu papa tengah buat his masters)

4. first big exam in formal education - UPSR in Sek.Ren.Jalan Bintang Miri, Sarawak (duk sarawak sebb papa keje ngan sarawak shell berhad)

5. at 10 years old, i found a new habit..mase tu kat sarawak and my mom's maid introduced me to, "what is rambut gatal"..lepas tuu dah jadi habit, cabut rambut gatal sampai i didn't realise my kepala dah botak sikit..hahahaha and that habit sampai laa skg especially biler duk tengok tv and kepala tengah gatal....

6. was a swimmer (bukan swimmer negeri..mahu pun negara..swimmer skolah jer) back in sarawak..heheh menang tuuuuuu compete kat kelab shell lutong, sarawak..

7. i'm expert in breaststroke swimming style when i was young..skg nih boleh laa swim lagi..tapi cepat penat and semput...hahaha

8. i always bergaduh with my big brother when i was young (in fact sampai skg asik bertekak jer kalau jumpa) and selalu tak puas hati coz, everytime gaduh, no matter who's fault...both of us will get the punishment...macam biase laa rotan!! huhhhhh..those were the days

9. believe it or not... saye penah masuk pertandingan menyanyi when i was in standard 4 kat sek ren jalan bintang, miri..tapi tak menang..(ouh yeah..nasib baik tak menang..kalau jadi penyanyi lagi teruk kan? hahaha)...i remembered my song was bahtera merdeka... and ola oli?hahahhaha...and i was one of the school choir members

10. i'm one of the school athletes...wakil skolah jer laa...4 x 100m when i was in standard 5... hehe (saye sangat active bersukan when i was in my primary years)

11. members of baseball team for the school (tengah panas kami practise..lebam2 tangan dan kaki...ouhhh sungguh the boyish)

12. members of gymrama sekolah!..perfom for hari sukan sekolah...dulu, i can do split!..sekarang tulang dah keras...cannot do anymore..

13. someone admires me when i was in standard dia abdul hafiz..he was one of the semenanjung boy yang same skolah dengan saye...tapi he only dares to tell me when i was queuing utk masuk dewan for hari penyampaian hadiah sekolah darjah 6..and there will be no chance for us to see each other sebb dah nk masuk different secondary school....hahahhahaa....i dont know where he is now.....dah kawen kot mamat tuu..hahaha

14. form 1, saye masuk boarding school kat miri, sekolah agama miri!!..hehee..but i stayed for 3 months only..then i gave up coz ramai sangat org nk jadikan adik angkat and it made me feels uncomfortable, saye cakap "sik apa..kamek sik mauk kakak angkat..kamek sik mauk abang angkat..kamek dah ada abang sendirik" hahah sounds berlagak..tapi...i dont like the word kakak angkat or abang angkat during those days...scary jer rase..hahahha

15. i went to daily secondary school at smk lutong..near papa's office...stayed for a year before the whole family move back to KL..

16. i admire one of the guys in smk dia syamsulbima dia duk kelas lain..but selalu nampak dia lalu depan my class hahaha childhood crush...(cehhs poyo) ...tapi i heard his friend...abdul rashid admires me? hahahaha but that abdul rashid was my classmates boyfren..mase tu laa..skg ni tak tau aper citer semua orang tu..totally lost contact..( i sound like budak2....kata nak fact..100 banyak laa nk kena pikir)

17. my last big exam in formal education - SPM in SMK Taman Melawati, KL (mase nih papa dah pindah KL semula)

18. been diagnosed for having back bone problem at 14 years old (skg dah get used to it..tapi kadang2 tuu tak tahan jugak..that is why i go YOGA!..yeahh go yoga!)

19. i've been one of the participants for the commenwealth games 1998 for the opening ceremony under my school..

20. during my secondary year..i'm not into sports anymore and my social life in melawati has been controled well because of the parents worried too much coz there's so many cases about bohsia and bohjan.

21. my parents hired a driver to drove dad to his office and drove me, my brother and my sisters to school...sungguh kawalan ketat okay!!..takde mase nk berfoya-foya..

22. my best frens in school is noor hidayah and moliza..and we always keep in touch and share our problems together since high school..sampai sekarang kami tetap macam dulu...hehe

23. i never had a boyfriend..i mean..special boyfriend when i was in high school..

24. I studied hard to get into the university coz papa said..."kalau dapat masuk university..papa belikan kereta.." hoahhh mase tuu memang belajar untuk dapatkan kereta laa..hahahahaha

25. first uni years - UTM Skudai, Dip in Architecture (full of dramas!! but good ending though...)

26. my first car from papa...satria merah and i'm still using it until now!!..8 tahun!!...thinking of buying new car soon...soon??? hahahah..insyaAllah

27. my first room mate - aniza and they both are married...

28. i have been away from malaysia since september 2003 until september off to glasgow to further my studies and cracking my head...

30. my flatmate, in glasgow, first-kak zaf (phD student), second-kak mitra (masters student, third-kak farid (pHd student) and finally mummy hanny (masters student)

31. i've been called a weirdo when i did my prayer in the train on my way to london..sembahyang duduk okay...and this english girls tengok..dengan selamba cakap "erghh such a weirdo" tak khusyuk sembahyang saye mase tuu..rase nak sepak jer minah tuu..hhuhuhu..

32. i can cook well when i was in glasgow...betul tak kak ahnis?? betul kan kak fathin?? hehehehe

33. last uni years - Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, Architectural studies (no dramas in class..everyone seems to be so serious? why so serious? bosan)

34. i'm the only malay in the class when i was in glasgow school of art...and the only muslim

35. kak ahnis and abg kush yang dekat cumbernauld tuu cakap saye nih minah blur..ermm i guess i am blur sometimes..hahaha...well hady used to say i'm blur, i am blur

36. kak fathin cakap saye masak nasi tomato sedap...yes!! saye setuju..memang saye masak sedap!! (okay this is fact..bukan berlagak)

37. saye penah sesat naik bas kat glasgow....mase tuu tertido dalam bas sebab penat sangat..

38. used to work as a cleaner for a while when i was studying in glasgow (haha such an experience..but the pay made me travel to london from glasgow anytime i like! haha)

39. during my student years..saye suka tengok muvi sebb ade discounts for students..!

40. mase keje..saye simpan duit nak pi jalan..kadang2 lepas keje saye balik umah kak ahnis and abg kush kat laa itu family!..itu lah second house saye semasa saye di glasgow..

41. i've been to amsterdam city and went inside the sex museum!!

42. been offered a job in campbell and morris associates as assistant architect in Glasgow, Scotland (selepas lebih kurang 3 bulan tanam anggur di glasgow....haha)

43. i've tried skiing twice at glencoe, scotland.

44. i joined fitness first free 1 week promotion when i was in glasgow.

45. i ate a lot of potatoes..especially baked potatoes and i feel so gemuk at that time!....ermm naahhhh saye memang gemuk mase tuu!

47. i taught kina (kak ahnis and abg kush's eldest daughter) how to drive....well i teman her to brush up her driving skills actually..

48. saye penah ade problem with my card to pay my flight ticket mase nak balik malaysia for good..and i asked help from abg.bujit..hehehe

49. i always have bad luck with bank in scotland...technical problems that sometimes made me sick!

50. 30th september 2006 - the day i safely arrived in malaysia after 3 years in Glasgow, Scotland

52. biler hanjing lalu sebelah saye... saye selalu berserah jer laa..kalau terkena, terpakse laa samak..sebb saye dah serik nak lari..takut hanjing tuu kejar..kadang2 hanjing nih macam kucing jugak..nak bermanja tak kena tempat and orang..

53. working as assistant architect in hijjas kasturi associates, KL for 1 years and 6 months

54. been involved in so many office dramas..but i'm not the main actress though

55. I cherish my friends in hijjas..

56. i miss my work station in hijjas..

57. i miss babbling to dzul every morning..

58. i miss uder, dalina, intan, tina, alynn, lindot, orked... they're just like my sisters...

59. i'm learning how to cook.

60. tiap-tiap hari rabu malam...saye mengaji dengan ustaz yang datang umah.

61. saye suka pavilion!..or pavvy!!..

62. i'm happy go lucky...ouh yeahhh...sometimes i'm not happy when i'm not lucky

63. i love listening to gossips.. hahaha

64. my dad said i'm the best daughter that he ever had..(ini fakta okay)

65. my mum said i dream a lot...

66. i love to hear all sorts of musics...

67. i'm yoga freak

68. i love making friends..but sometimes people doesnt like me...i guess la

69. saye suka bawak kereta laju-laju! kalau bawak sorang2 laa..kalau ade passenger...saye drive slow jer..hehee

70. saye cepat panic and been diagnosed with anxiety disorder mase kat utm dulu...

71. my pms sometimes made feel sad...sometimes made me hyper and sometimes made me wanna have fight with anyone that start something that hurt me..even though it was just a small thing..

72. i blog when i have time...and when i have something to tell..

73. i love being on my own when i'm upset...

74. mase kecik saye suka makan asam jeruk..tapi sekarang nih i dont care about asam jeruk anymore..i'm craving for all the sweets and i am so into choclates..

75. i dont like laksa johor eventhough my mum is johorian...i love laksa penang!!

76. dulu saye jaga arwah nenek saye...the best experience in my life as a cucu, i am so proud of it...

77. i'm not much a talker.....especially with someone that i am not comfortable..

78. i wanted to buy a new car..but i am also planning for my first asset...huhhhhh maner penting? kereta or asset?

79. been backstabbed for so many times...yet still be friend...

80. saye simpan and jaga semua hadiah from my family and friends dengan baik!

81. i am currently working in ranhill worleyparsons as an architectural designer, designing offshore living quaters and technical building on platforms...getting used to all the terms and conditions that i have to consider while designing based on oil and gas procedures.. uwaaahhhahaha

82. i dont like my head of department..he is such a cerewet and kelam kabut old man

83. i am getting used to my new office environment...

84. i dont like people asking me to do this and that when they cannot do it in time...biler last minute tak sempat nk buat..pass kat saye..hamboiiiiiiii...

85. i always try to stay calm and try to be cool eventhough the dateline is around the corner...

86. i admire how my previous boss(en.amir) handle his job and things to make it in order without any stress..

87. i always try to be better everyday..

88. my dad always said...take one step at a time

89. i sometimes amik 2 steps at a time...hahaha..

90. i am stubborn

91. saye senang menangis...

92. i'm complicated but once people know me...they will know how to handle me...kan?

93. i'm arwah tokbak's best cucu ever...

94. my uncle and my aunty always thought i'm younger than my sister..senang citer...saye nampak muda laa dari adik saye sendiri..hahahaha

95. i can be crazy when i am happy

96. i can be ignorance when i'm upset

97. i love reading cecilia ahern..

98. aritu saye tengok citer 'i'm not single' kat astro tetiba saye rase saye suka farid kamil..hahaha

99. tidur is a nikmat for me..i wish i can sleep easily..everyday

100. akhirnya!! 1 hundred!!....saye seorang yang garang!..betul! ini fakta.

*saye tag uder dearie to jot down 100 facts about her!..uder..kalau ade mase buat laa yeh..hehe

Thursday, October 23, 2008

things happened for a reason...

uder texted me last nite, her father is having a by-pass surgery today at 7am..
i texted uder this morning at 8.19am wishing the surgery will be in a good hands of Allah swt..later in the afternoon she texted me and her father is doing well and now he's in the icu at IJN.. alhamdulillah everythings went well and hope her father will recover soon...

at about 8.45am, rifa'i texted me, dia accident last nite while driving back from office, front and rear bumper dented..the car made a 360 spin on the road and hit the divider...shocking!!....i called him in the afternoon asking how is he doing...he said, dia tak nampak ade lopak air and he lost control..tapi luckily nothing serious..i asked him if he got any injuries...dia cakap...hati jer yang luka..alahaiii kesiann..kereta tak sampai setahun lagi....he said, maybe his car merajuk sebb semalam dia ade cakap berangan nak beli kereta baru....tulaa..kereta pun ade feelings okay!

then at 10.21am... i received text message from my best fren hidayah, kawan baik mase sekolah sampai sekarang....
hidayah had a miscarriage for the second time..she's 5 months and 1 week pregnant and suddenly this morning she texted me and she said...."we just lost another baby...its a raja noor qamelia bt raja amirul.... alfatihah to the baby"
Innalillahiwainnalillahirojiuun......i was really shock!!! baru jer 2 weeks before, i asked's the baby...and she said the baby is okay and active...her first baby boy pun miscarriage at 4months of pregnancy and the doctor tak tau why...but the second baby ni doctor kata..pintu rahim tak kuat nk support the baby... ya Allah, besar betul dugaan my bestfren tu..i'm planning to visit her tonite..ade kenduri tahlil at her house.. i cried when i read the message and wish i could just leave the office and go to her house..tapi dia kat hospital lagi..she'll be at home petang ni..

things happened...and only Allah swt knows why... alfatihah to baby raja noor qamelia...selamat dikebumikan selepas zuhur tadi..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

i hate football

Mum, dad, sarah, maktok and tok ton is away for holiday in langkawi they will be back on Monday nite.

As usual, being a big sister, I have to look after azah, my youngest sister. She cannot follow because she is having final semester exam at school on Monday onwards.

On Saturday, I got a call from rifa’I telling alynn invites me to her open house in seri kembangan, on the same day, shima, my utm mates invites me for her friends open house at nite.

Almost the whole day I wasn’t in the house and my sister were enjoying herself....i guess..
coz no one membebel at her to study or what..she only rely on her tutor..

I know I’m a bad sister leaving her behind…tapi dia taknak ikot…she wants to stay at home…nak buat camner kan?

Later at nite,i online with my dad….hehe…aper lagiii..he knows saye tinggalkan my sister kat umah sorang2..kena bebel jarak jauh la!!... tapi I told my dad….’dikla dah sediakan makan for her..and she said she’s okay…and dikla dah make sure dia tak kelaparan kat umah..’ but as dad memang tak bleh nak terima what ever reasons yang saye bagi….he keeps on membebel…hahahah…sounds funny sometimes…kehkehkeh..hopefully dia tak bace my blog…jangan kantoi sudahhhh…

After a few hours…my dad replied on yahoo messenger.. he said…

daddy: Sorry about that..coz Arsenal were losing 0-1 at half time-..but finally won the game..3-1..hehehe...but thats me..

~dalila~ ridzwan: okayy...

daddy: Anyway, thanks..and have a nice day... salam from me..

~dalila~ ridzwan: salam from me

daddy: ni nak buat teh tarik jap..see u soon..

~dalila~ ridzwan: okay....dikla dah nak tido..

daddy: take care of urself and ur little sis as well..

~dalila~ ridzwan: sure

daddy: gdnite.sweet dreams.

~dalila~ ridzwan: goodnite

See…it was not because what I did…it was all about arsenal...i really hate footballs…..can we just ban football match dalam TV?

i was thinking of merajuk with my dad..tapi i wont work...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

about weight

i thought i can get over the mathematics or add math......lagi tak suka...lagi kena buat!!..hadoii tension gue..

i'm used and always having problem with my area calculation for any design layout when i was with my previous company.....duk mengira sampai rase nak termuntah...and kadang2 tak cukup area...or terlebih area..and terpakse tipu sana..tipu sini nak get into the requirement by the authority.....

in my current office...i haven't been assigned to do any area calculation yet...but based on the previous projects and drawings that i've reviewed, bukan saje floor area kena calculate!!..tapi berat for all the nominated furniture dalam floor tu!!...whooahh.... bertambah lagi keje ku....

mr.stewart : aishah, have a guess, quick one...what is the weight of this vinyl skirting...this is 300mmx100mm....what is the weight for 1 sq.m?

me: errrrrrrrr..... hmmmmmmmm..(sambil pegang the sample and try to give my best....mase tuu memang blur gilerr coz i dont even care about weight of anything except my body weight) 300g?

mr.stewart : nearly there...its 350g..

me: hoyeh!!

mr.stewart : u're getting there...we have to know the weight of all the furnitures we're using in the living quaters...

me: ouhhh (muka memang blur nak mampusss)

mr.stewart : dont worry, one step at a time...u have to learn more..oil and gas is a special line and and its very exciting!

me: ouhhhh..(smile and grinnnn) i can feel that excitement (dalam hati...oh me god!...why do u have to know the weight jugak?)

then i asked areef, drafter in my office.. he said "they have weight requirement for certain living quaters and u cannot exceed the limit first...." he said..."nak angkat the living quaters tuu naik atas platform from kapal pakai kena pakai crane...very risky..silap2 jatuh dalam laut..." me said 'oo ye?' memang blurrrr laa saye!..hadoiih

my dad has been monitoring the offshore training for quite some time... i never been to the training centre but penah tengok dalam lah!!..naik helikopter dummy tapi macam real...and they jatuhkan dalam big pool..and ade wave lagi!! ombak besar!..ombak besar!!..and tengok the trainee struggling nak keluar dari heli tuu and swim naik the fear factor type..but ade life guard laa every training..of course!..duhhh

today..again...half day..friday..hehe best!..
uder called...she's coming to spend her little precious time with parents and sisters are away to langkawi for usual..i have to take care of my youngest sister..ade final sem tak dapat laa nak join pi langkawi....lagipun they will be back on monday...tak boleh plak nak amik coti...probation lagi!!. 2 more months to go!...takuttt nyerrr..

ouh do u know..a healthy man can only angkat barang berat up to 28 kg only? assistant is needed if more than that...saye baru tau..hehe...tapi lupa nak tanye boss..perempuan boleh angkat berapa berat? i wish maximum weight for girls will be only 1kg.. more than that, kena cari assistant...a tough cute guy maybe? bersemangat skit nak buat dok?angkat sample, bawak drawing yang bertimbun2..

my workstation..dah get ready nk balik, sempat snap satu gambor.. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

half day friday

my first week in ranhill worleyparsons was great!!....and today is my first time working half day on friday...hoyeh!!..rase best plakk..kul 12 noon dah siap2 nak balik....boleh laa online selalu ngan hady..hehe..tapi hady for sure baru bangun tido...yela...12 noon my local time...8 pagi his local time...huhhh...

i texted my friends in hijjas, telling i'm working half day every friday and this is my first day..heheh

uder replied "siot jer ;P"

dzul replied " ces!!poyo..."

rifa'i replied "huh takde life langsung.kitorg lepas nih nak tengok muvi kat pavilion.macam dekat jer dengan office nih"

dalina replied " siut ahh.."

tina replied " dah boleh pi pavi!! hahaha"

hahahahaha...i know uder tak jeles sangat, and dzul too, same with dalina...tina plakk siap bagi ideas pi pavi.......tapi rifa'i sangat jealous!!.sebb tuu dia cakap i dont have a life!...hahahaha..

what ever it is..everything in this life has its own reasons...keje setengah hari..keje 6 hari seminggu.....dan keje macam2 lagi...hehehe...

all in all...bersyukurlah dengan aper yang ada...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Dearest uder and dalina.....i bought my own water bottle..
my birthday present nanti, tak payah laa belikan water bottle ek....haha
lepas nih saye tak bleh nk malas2 pi pantry amik air...
I have been diagnosed with low blood pressure for the past few days but I'm getting better now...luckily tak kena tahan kat wad..
Skg nih i have to eat and drink more often to avoid pengsan di tengah jalan....
I've decided to join yoga class at yogshakti, off jalan ampang starting tomorrow will help to reduce my back pain that i always had and to get a better healthy living..rather than, balik office, makan, tido tengok tv...kemas baju..kemas bilik...

sympathy and condolence

this entry specially dedicated for fahimi (hady's colleague in dubai)...

even though we never met, my sympathy and warmest thoughts are with you...
be strong and may the comfort of friends and family be your strength now and in the days ahead..

al fatihah to fahimi's beloved mother...semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

courses to attend?

mr.stewart, my head department came to my place....he said..

"just to inform you, if you want to attend any courses that may be beneficial for your personal work perfomance or anything for your own good.. let me know, i can give the approval for you.. since the st joseph redevelopment is finishing soon, u may have the time to go for the courses..the company will pay for all the courses fees..."

woahhhh great!!..fantastic!!..brilliant!!...hehehe...nak pi course aper ek? kursus kawen company cover jugak ker? kursus belajar masak ade tak??....kehkehkeh..well i didnt say that to mr.stewart thoughh..giler aper...

i'm still thinking of what course should i go for...huhuhu...course yang kena belajar setahun kat glasgow ade tak?? hahaha

i've nothing much to do in the office today....i've gone through the offshore living quaters design from the previous projects...hmm basically...its a straight forward design...they actually more concern on the safety of the people who will stay in that living quaters...diorg tak herann punn kalau design hebat camner punn..

Monday, October 6, 2008

induction day

my first day in ranhill worleyparsons...

it was not that bad....been attending the company inductions in the morning, IT inductions and HSE inductions in the afternoon...

basically architectural department is a very small department in ranhill worleyparsons, level 16th empire tower......there's only 4 of us....1 head department, 2 architect designers and 1 draughtman... i've been assigned to be in the st.joseph redevelopment projects... the living quaters in sarawak.....

after all the inductions and the and all the new staff...(ade 6 of us today.. 2 for architectural department..2 for civil and structure, 1 for instrumentation and 1 for mechanical...) went to level 25th... collect our stationery...kehkehkeh..semua dapat baruuuu....heheh aper lagiiii....i asked for everything laaa...hoyehhhh

after 4pm...i dont have anything to do....been browsing thru the internet....bukak employee handbook...and key in my details dalam intranet...then bukak email....pastu go thru projects done by the 5pm sharp....kemas2 and shutdown pc...terus balik!!.heheheh..

a welcome souvenir from the company

Sunday, October 5, 2008

birthday dia

in order for me to remember his birthday....i have to set a reminder in my phone on the 3rd of october at 11.55 at night..hehehehe...i remembered his birthday on the 4th october..tapi letak jer reminder.....i was thinking of calling him at 12 midnight to wish him...tapi can't get through...i texted him and wish him...i didn't get any reply from him...tried to call him again..this time, the phone rang....but he didn't answer my call..
the next morning...i called him again...he didn't answer...i was a bit worried...later in the evening..i texted him and he replied..... i was a bit mad at that time...rase macam nk baling jer phone...hehe

he said, he just got back from his trip from oman..and he was tired and slept early tak sedarkan diri until the next morning....huhhhhh

called him later at night and sempat laa membebel....just to tell him that i am worried and i dont want him to ungkit macam last year...he said to me "semua orang wish saye birthday..tapi awak not even text me birthday wish" this time...u cannot say anything!!hehe..ur birthday present...tunggu laa balik cuti..will give it to u... (tak beli pun lagik!..hahahah) my dearest hady rashid...

happy 28th birthday.... and hope u had a great one!!!
miss u!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

salam aidilfitri lagi

third day raya

JB... going back to KL

-morning..mum is not well...i have to company my dad to the pharmacy..beli ubat for my mum
then later in the afternoon...all of us went to paklong's (kak long's family) house..

we had our high tea at pak long's house....then,drove back to KL...
i have to drive back to KL since my dad was tired at that time....

while driving ....i didn't realise about my speed limit...hahahah...bawak kereta my dad..bimmers...tak tau punn dah sampai 160km/h...sebab rase macam tak de laa laju maner punnn...
i only realised when there's a police car beside me and gave me eye signal...i was shock and suddenly teringat pasal speed limit...hahaha...apa lagiii..terus slow down...whoooaaahhhh nasib baik pak polisi tuu tak suruh pull dad and mum tido kat sis pun tak sedar i was over the speed limit...huhuhu..i manage to drive sampai melaka....lepas tuu tak sis take over..dia drive sampai rumah...heheh it took us about 3 hours from jb to KL....i'm dead meat laa kalau tetiba sampai surat saman kat umah...huhuhu

salam aidilfitri 3

second day raya

JB...maktok's house lagi..

-morning...nothing much happened but after zuhur..all of us went to tok uda's house, then tok ngah's house and finally umah tok su...

as usual bila pi visit rumah tok sedara...soalan2 yang selalu diorang tanye..

tok uda : ehh ni anak sape ye?
me : anak mariam...number 2...
tok uda : ouhhh laaa dah yang dulu mulut bising tu kan?
me : ehh salah orang tuu.. mulut bising adik saye yang bongsu....saye nih yang paling baik ...hehehe
tok uda : ouhhh ni yang dulu hilanggg mase tok bak nak pi masjid tu yeh? yang kuat menangis mase kecik?
me : ermmm saye tak ingat laa
my mum : haaa nih laa yang kuat menangis mase kecik..nasib baik dah besar tak kuat menangis..
tok uda : yelaa dah besar nak menangis kenapa pulak kannn..
me : hehehe. (senyum dengan penuh sopan..)

kat umah tok ngah pulak..

tok ngah : haa ni anak yam kan?
me : ha ah...
tok ngah : skolah lagi ke?
me : keje dah...
tok ngah : laaa nampak muda..ingatkan skolah lagi..

rumah tok su lain skit soalan2....sebb dia tok su..muda lagi dari tok uda and tok ngah...dia ingat lagi..takde laa nak tanye anak sape or nak confirmkan anak sape..kehkehkehkeh

tok su : dikla dah makan?
me : makan kat umah mak tok tadi jer laa..
tok su : haa nih tok su goreng otak-otak kempas...dikla camner? sihat...
me : hehe..sihat..alhamdulillah
tok su : biler nak kenalkan orang tu kat tok su?
me : hahaha...orang tu? (wahhh dah tahu pasal orang tu?) ermm nanti laa insyaAllah ada mase nanti dikla kenalkan
tok su : dia kat mana sekarang?
me : dia kat dia nak balik cuti kejap november nih
tok su : haaa..boleh laa tok su jumpa dia...
me : hehehe..tak tau lagi la tok su...kalau ada mase..insyaAllah

after all the visits...we went back to mak tok's house...hehehe...tak sabar nak tengok citer nana tanjung kat TV3...hahahhaha

salam aidilfitri 2

first day raya....part 2

- at 9.30am the guys and the uncles came back from solat raya and they hi jack the dining table....ade ketupat, rendang, kuah lodeh, kuah kacang.. the girls and the aunty's pulak dah get ready with baju raya...duk depan tv ...hehe

aunty puyah : harini kiter tak payah pi mane2 laa...duk umah tunggu orang datang jer....tapi lepas asar kiter pi umah tok long....okay?
me : yeay!!!!...i can have my own sweet time sleeping!! hoyehhh!
my mum : haaa bagus laa tuuu..tidoo jer tauu..
aunty chah : hisshhhh anak dara nihh...
maktok : takpela....harini berehat laa....esok kite jalan..
me : maktok..i lap u lahh...rehat means tido for me...

me and my cousins enjoying ourself watching tv but after a while i went upstairs to sleep...hehehe..there's few of maktok's nieces and nephews came for visit on the first day raya...

after asar, all of us went to tok long's house for a visit...usually during hari raya..there will be air hijau in toklong's house..tapi this time..air orange saje...hehehe...sempat laa berbisik with my cousin...'ehh tahun nih takde air ijau laaaa'....hehehe

kat umah toklong...ade lagi cerita...but this time,among the cousins jer laa..auntys tak get involve..huhu

kak long : kak long ingat nak beli keta..tapi tak tau laa nk beli keta aper...
mira : beli keta besar terus...nanti kawen ade anak ramai...senang dahhh..kak long nak anak berapa?
kak long : hehhe...12 orang!!
mira : haaaaaaaaaa?!!! gilerrr yeh? tuu dah tak bleh beli keta dahh tuu..kena beli bas transnasional...hahahhahaha
me : hahahahhaa..wahh 12 tuuu!!! mau patah tulangg
mira : kak ngah nak anak berapa??..
me : kak ngah nak ermm...yang muat satu keta 7 seater laa..sebb nk beli keta punn 7 seater jer yg mampu..tak mampu plakk nak beli bas
mira : hahahhahahahahha...

tetiba my aunty menyampuk..

aunty chah : korang ni borak pasal aper?
mira : borak pasal nk beli keta aperr...

hehehe....lepas abis borak2 tuuu....dapat signal from the guys kat depan...signal nak balikkkk..
kitorg pun salam-salam semua org.....then biler dah sampai umah maktok..masing2 penat...and macam biase...lepak depan tv....hehee...pastu tertido lagi!...aduhh terasa loserrr jer asik tertido jer..huahaha

salam aidilfitri

first day raya..

JB..maktok's house..
- arrived at 3.30 in the morning from KL...prepared my tempat tido and unpack everything...then had supper with maktok, my mum, my dad and my sis...makan mee hoon goreng cook by myself...hehehe...bawak from KL sebb tak abes mase buka....pastu kejutkan my cousin (mira yang setia menunggu kepulangan ku kat sofa umah maktok)..heheheh ajak dia tido was more to a short nap i guess..

-at 7 in the morning...i woke up from my nap coz my cousins yang kecik2 semua dah bangun and my aunty's pun bising2 calling their children to get ready mandi and siap2 for breakfast then pi solat raya...i have to take turn nak masuk bilik air...while waiting for my turn.. i get ready my baju2 and my dad's yang nak kena iron and all..sambil2 tuu turun kat dapur...niat di hati nak tolong..tapi everythings ready dahh...hehehe...

-around 8am..the guys and the uncles dah pegi masjid for solat raya....the girls and the auntys punyer turn to get ready pulakk....mandi..makan...heheh as usual..gossiping around..hahahha...antara perbualan yang my aunty duk tanye..

aunty puyah: dikla...awak tau tak..kak long(my cousin) cakap...dia tahun 2009...dikla 2010 kan?
me: ouhhh kak long 2009 ker?? bagus laaaa..lagi cepat lagi bagusss..takde laa soalan2 cepu emas utk dia lagi nanti...hahha
aunty chah: dikla, 2010 tak lama sangat ker? kak long tuu lagi muda dari awak....
me: eh tak pela....kak long lagi muda...tapi dia kan kak long..hehhehe...biar laa dia dulu...
maktok: ntah sempat ke tidak laa maktok nak tengok awak naik pelamin nih diklaa...
me: insyaAllah...jangan risau...nak suruh dikla naik pelamin skg pun boleh..maner pelamin nyer? ade tak? hehehhehehe
maktok: ehh budak nih..orang cakap betul2..
me: alaaa..2010 tak lama...
maktok: kenape 2010? kenapa tak tahun depan jer? nak tunggu ape lagi? nanti kalau tiba2 dah sampai 2010 berkenan kat org lain macam maner? kalau budak laki tuu ade org lain macam mana?
me: jangan laa doa macam tuu...doa laa yang terbaik...insyaAllah semua jadi baik
aunty puyah: takpelaa dikla, 2010 tak lama tuu..tapi jangan tiba2 cancel plak nanti.....aunty puyah,aunty chah semua kena siap sedia....
aunty chah: orang maner dikla?
me: orang melayu jugak...hahahhahaha...alaa nanti sampai mase kenal laa..
aunty chah: maner gambar...aper name dia?nak tengok gambar...hensem ker tak...
me: hensemmmm!..of course!..takkan laa dikla nk yang tak hensem kan? dikla dah cantik ayu macam nih....pasangan pun kena laa hensem bergaya...nanti dapat anak,comel2 semua...
aunty chah: ya ALLAH!!! perasannnn nyer laaaaa minah nih..
me and the rest: hahahahhaha

end of the story.

moral of the story...kalau nak soalan2 and cerita2 berkaitan macam tu abis cepat2.....jadilah seorang yang self centered and suka memuji diri sendiri....nanti orang punn malas nak takde laa soalan2 lagi...hahhaha

salam aidilfitri to all my family and friends!!
maaf zahir batin.. :)