Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the young ones and the surau

after a few attempt from my mum asking me to follow her to surau for maghrib and isyak prayer,i decided to go with her yesterday...what make me go? Ahah!! i dont know either.....oh well at least it occupies my time rather than staying at home watching TV after office..and at least i could gain something from the talk by the ustaz-ustaz...kan?

besides the tafsir al-quran for surahtul maryam by Ustaz AJ after magrhib prayer,this is what i learnt....

i saw young guys around my age and younger maybe,being one of the important person for surau's committee member.....i've heard so many makcik2 said.."budak2 sekarang mana laa nk duk kat surau, diorang duk pi enjoy sana sini saja, sibuk kerja, tak sempat nak pi surau..macam-macam lah alasan.." makcik-makcik yang berkata sedemikian..don't judge everyone just because of one people okayy..ahahaha

so, here it goes...

the bilal for yesterday, a young guy with a long hair, he tied up his hair and hid the pony tail underneath his baju melayu....oh well, to be honest.. i intentionally sneak a look on him from behind the curtains heheee...(dalam hati..alaahaii..sopan gituu)

imam for maghrib prayer is a young guy too..ustaz M.. he's about my age, not married's are from my mum... i heard about him sometime ago when my youngest sis went for summer camp organised by the khalifah model school..and apparently, ustaz M is the leader of the school...

Ustaz M is not a full time imam for the surau..he takes turn, sometimes there will be ustaz N..or Ustaz A... but ustaz M is the youngest ustaz among all of the imam.. perhaps he's the only youngest ustaz in our housing area....i zonno la..hehee

Ustaz M is well known for his ear soothing voice when he recite the holy quran.. yesterday, was my first time listening to his voice....oh yup...melting..ahahaha..besides that he is one good looking chinese look guy with spectacles.....(again...i peep on him from behind the curtains!! hahaha....he can't see me,no big deal..hehehee..kalau lepas ni kena ketumbit..memang tau laa kenapa kan..ahaha)i heard he is a nephew of a well known ustaz wonder he has the look! hehee

while waiting for isyak prayer, ustaz AJ gave a short talk on the translation of surahtul maryam... i whispered to my mum

me : ibu, jom duk kat belakang sikit, boleh sandar kat dinding..
ibu : tak payah laa..bukan lama pun nanti kalau sandar kat dinding terus berlayar*
me : alaa takpela, kita berlayar menuju kejayaan!

ibu : tok sah nk merapu..

me : hahaha

well, i can't remember the whole of the translation, the surah is about maryam and nabi isa r.a...

after the translation, he gave some advise related to the of his advise that really caught my attention was...

"sebagai orang islam, iman yang perlu ada ialah iman yang putus iaitu iman yang tiada ragu..orang islam yang mempunyai iman yang putus, adalah orang islam yang sempurna.. orang islam yg sempurna diwajibkan bekerja dan berbakti kepada kedua ibu bapa.."

after 3 seconds paused, he continued "berbakti bukan dengan wang yang diberi setiap bulan.." (dushhh satu tembakan di situu..terkena kat saya!) then he continued " berbakti kepada kedua ibu bapa adalah dengan menjaga makan, minum dan pakai ibu bapa, melawat dan sentiasa berada disisi mereka...selagi ibu bapa kita masih ada, mereka lah tempat kita paling mudah memperoleh pahala.." (gedebooommmm...saya rasa kena bomb dari jarak jauh...)..

after all the bombs attacked straight to my heart, i felt lucky that i can still be with my parents despite the fact that i always wanted and arguing with them on "why i cannot go travel? why i cannot work far from home...?"...heheee

at circa 8.50pm, the young bilal perform the azan for isyak prayer..(oh i admire his voice too!..hehee) young ones do have a very attractive voice...i like! (i'm not saying i like young guys okay..heheee)

insyaAllah i will tag my mum along to surau regularly from now on...why? ohhh...because it makes me a better person..hehehehehehehe...wink!

p/s : to mr.H,besides my parents and my family,you are always my eternity hehehe...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

of jealousy and sympathy and weekends

friday 20th February (half day working for my!! sambil buat thumbs up!)

ibu saya call saya kat office..

ibu : dikla, what time are you coming back?
me : ermm dalam kul 12.30 kot...sebb pagi tadi sampai office lambat...8.30 baru sampai...heee
ibu : okayy...can you pick me up kat great eastern mall?ibu ada appointment..
me : okay..abis appointment kul berapa?
ibu : dalam 1.30..dikla jalan2 laa dulu..nanti ibu call bila dah abis..
me : okayy..


great eastern mall.. 1.30noon

ibu : dikla kat mana?
me : pets wonderland kat lower ground..
ibu :okay tunggu situ ibu datang..
me : ehhh ibu tak payah datang sini..tunggu jap...dikla nak pi level 1..nak tengok kasut kat clarks..
ibu : okay...ibu kat level 1 dah nih..

kami pun pergi ke kedai kasut ituu..mulanya, saya yang nak survey kasut..nak tengok latest clarks edition..oh ye..saya peminat kasut clarks! tapi kat malaysia tak banyak selections...

then tetiba..

ibu : eh cantik laa kasut nih kan..? boleh bawak pi dinner..
me : haa cantik2?...harga pun cantik...dikla beli kalau ada discount saja2 nak survey..
ibu : oh itu dikla...ibu nak beli laah...nanti kalau ada dinner ada kasut baru untuk dinner..asik pakai kasut lama jer....
me : oh okay...(shocked...ahhhhhhhh JEALOUS nyaaaa!!! nak beli jugak!!)

saturday 21st februari, dalam kereta with papa, on the way to workshop, teman papa nak pi amik mesin rumput...

papa : so, ticket pi kuching dah beli? hotel dah book?
me : ticket dah beli..hotel belum book..nanti bila dah nak dekat date tuu dikla book..
papa : duk hotel mana?
me :ermm..village house kat santubong...then the next day check in kat budget hotel, singgahsana lodge..
papa : ouhh ...nape tak duk kat hilton?
me : mahal laa paa....dikla and uder cannot afford it... takpa laa duk budget hotel pun okay..bukan nk buat ape pung..nak tido jer..
papa : hmmm...papa tak boleh la tengok anak2 papa susah..dua2 perempuan pulak tuu
me : dikla tak susah pun...okay jer...
papa : papa sponsor duk kat hilton nak?
me : haaaa?? nak sponsor? 3 malam?
papa : haa yela...nanti kita book
me : alaa pa..takpe2..nanti dikla discuss ngan uder dulu...
papa : okayy..i just felt sympathy for you sometimes... its hard for me to let u go holiday...tapi takpe la..bukan selalu kan awak nk pi berjalan?
me : alaa i'm okay worries..(dalam hati...alaaa kalau boleh nak selalu pi holiday..ahahahha)

sunday 22nd februari duk rumah tengok nona kat TV 3..tengok bee movie kat HBO, lipat baju, masak makan... ibu and papa balik kampung..saya kena duk rumah, sebab adik bongsu ada tuition(kena jadi driver)

life saya di hari minggu memang akan sentiasa bersama ibu dan papa saya dan adik2 saya...oh saya bukan anak kesayangan..(adik saya tu yang anak kesayangan)....tapi disebabkan saya tak boleh nak berfoya2 bersama kawan2....ibu dan papa saya laa yang menjadi tempat untuk saya habiskan masa hujung minggu..tapi kadang2...kalau diorang ada dinner or invitations...saya kena tinggal duk umah jugakk... hmmm mana prince charming saya nih?? prince charming yang bleh bawak pi holiday..ahahaha (oh yeahh dream on dikla..dream on) to my dreamland... :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

puteri santubong...

Wait for us puteri!! we're going to meet u!!! and uder never thought we can get those green lights!! thanks a million to my parent and uder's parent..

after about 1 year plus, we've planned our own holidays together and plans are all around, but RED LIGHTS seems to switched ON all the time, until last thursday..

uder called me and she said there's a free seat for air asia going all over asian countries..

so, during lunch time, i took the opportunity to surf the net, unfortunately, the free seat aren't available on the date and time that we want.. BUT..luckily i found out the oxsome sale... and the flight fares are affordable,gave a call to uder and we and uder was so excited and planned not to tell our parent until we buy the ticket, tapi rasa bersalah,told uder to hold on...i tried my luck..called my mum and asked my suprise, the RED LIGHT is switched OFF and the GREEN LIGHT is ON!! yay!!...then,i decided to buy the ticket there and then...but uder hold me to do so and she said, she wanted to ask her parent too...after a few minutes...she called back...and yay!! green light for her too!! it was awesome!!...

oh yeah...can you feel our excitement?? ahahahah...

ticket purchased and we have at least 1month plus to draft our plans on what to do in KUCHING, SARAWAK!!... one thing for sure,to all orang utan in semenggoh wildlife centre.. we're so gonna find u!! hahahahah

p/s: uder, you are always welcome to my house to have our plans set out! heheheee

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

water rafting

me : pa, can i go water rafting ngan kawan2?

papa : where? why? when?

me : i'm not sure where, tapi bulan 5, just to have fun..

papa : no, u're too fragile to go water rafting..

me : (what?? ) fragile? since when?

papa : since u were born...

me : tapi dikla dah besar la pa..i'm 26 years old...i can manage..dont worry, i've been skiing in aviemore when i was in scotland...knock my self down but i'm still okay and sound..

papa : ey..water rafting bukan macam skiing...once u jatuh,terhantuk kepala, off u go...batu2 sungai tu dangerous... i have been there...and it is not suitable for u..

me : then, can i go gua mulu?

papa : why? nak tengok kelawar?

me : saje jalan2 ngan kawan

papa : okay... tapi if i know u go water rafting....thats it! no more outing for u..

me : ohhh i promise!!! water rafting...tapi can i go pulau?

papa : pulau pulak? tell me straight la nak pi mana? kejap gua, kejap sungai, kejap pulau...

me : yelah...tapi nk jugak pi pulau

papa : no pulau...nothing related to sungai and laut... its for your own good.. kalau apa2 jadi kat u, nanti u salahkan papa, jaga anak tak betul..

me : never said that...tapi u know i can swim well kan?

papa : u can swim well kat dalam swimming pool..bukan laut or sungai..

me : pulau (dalam hati ni menjerit!! nak pi jugak!! nak jugak!!)

p/s : miss z, i'm still under my parents observation (yes..although i'm 26..i still have curfew!)......i cannot go water rafting....but i can go gua mulu! hahahaahha..nanti biler saye dah under orang lain punyer observation, saye kena persuade orang tu pulak..harap-harap orang tu kasi laa saye pegi pulau!!..ahahahhahaa

p/s/s : uder, patut laa plan nak pi pulau asik postponed jer!! eeeeeeeeeeeee sebab memang tak akan dapat permission!

p/s/s/s : sometimes, terpikir parents tak trust me ker? ntah laa...anything related to travel jauh2 mesti susah nak dapat green light..hadoiiiiiii huhu

Monday, February 2, 2009

little pianist

wonderpets adila's version.. i have no idea what she's playing, but she's very confident with her answer..

aunty d : adila...

adila : nok..nok...... (tengok..tengok..)

aunty d : (silent....)...cepat la..main...

aunty d : adila nyanyi lagu apa?

adila : nagu aderpet...(lagu wonderpet)

aunty d : lagu wonderpet...takde pun lagu..tu jer

adila : aderpet!...

aunty d : wonderpet....(dalam hati...okay..okay yelah).....dah? dah? (haihh tak sabar nk suruh dia abiskan her piano lesson nih...hahaha)

the rest of the conversation....i dont know...layan jer laaa

ignore the background sounds....adila's twin sisters arguing with her other aunty i guess...hehehe

oh saya suka kids! they're the best medicine to cure my sleepy holidays...hehehe (yela..saye nak pi berjalan tour de pulau2 kat malaysia nih, tak dapat mak bapak punyer approval..luckily the kids came over huhuhu)