Wednesday, December 31, 2008

cuti saya

Still on holiday mode... heheh..will start working again on the 5th onwards..

On christmas day.. 25th december..saya, my mum, kak eda(my cousin) and her husband abg.eddy went off to kampung genting malek kat ulu selangor. Our mission is to clean up rumah my aunty (kak eda's mum)..pasang langsir baru and tikar baru since her new house baru jer siap...abg eddy did a great job...dia drill and pasang the curtain railings in about 1 hour saja! ouh i can call it an achievement laa, sebab its not abg.eddy's specialty pasang curtain railings..hehe..then it comes my turn to pasang the mum sapu lantai and bersihkan dapur. Kak eda, as usual, her routine kalau balik kampung, take care of my aunty yang bed ridden for almost a year. My aunty once staying with kak eda kat shah alam, tapi biasa lah..orang tua, tak nak duk umah anak, nak duk rumah sendiri. Kat rumah kampung, my uncle took care of my aunty. Lepas dah siap kemas rumah, and bersihkan rumah, kami semua prepare nak balik KL semula.. and we planned to balik kampung again hari sabtu.. as usual, before balik tu, saya sempat salam my aunty and told her, "rumah dah bersih, langsir baru, tikar baru, nanti hari sabtu dikla datang lagi, pindahkan barang2 sikit yer." i gave her a kiss and she smiles at me.. she looks comeyl just like my arwah nenek..hehee

on 26th december the next day, early in the morning, my mum received a call from kak eda, my aunty passed away at 5am.. i was really shocked!!she was okay the nite we left her..she didnt show any sign of sakit except dia tak banyak cakap.hmmm patut la semalam she didnt say a word bila saya excited bagitau dia that she can move to her new and family pun bersiap and balik takes about 45mins from KL..

Sampai kat rumah, everyone was there, including anak2 my aunty yang dah almost 17 years saya tak that time baru la my cousin2 yang lama tak jumpa ni nak bertanya khabar kat saya and some of them thought saya still kat UK haihhhhh...where were you guys when everyone at your mum's house, taking care of her?(tapi saya tak cakap laa macam tu kat my cousin2 tuu)..nyway...sorryyyy i dont have time to beramah mesra. I went straight in the house to get my aunty. It was a very sad moment... (my aunty ni, my dad punya eldest sister)....I gave her a kiss again on her forehead..and sedekahkan al fatihah to her.. tak tau pulak, last night was my last kiss for her masa dia hidup...sedihhhhhh...

Saya, kak eda, my mum were among the 7 orang yang mandikan jenazah. This is my second time mandikan and kapankan jenazah..My first time was my arwah nenek.

Before kapankan jenazah nak bawa pi sembahyang kat surau,again i gave my aunty a kiss...sangat sedih and and suddenly teringat when she asked me, whether i have seen her children..saya macam nak bercakap dengan my aunty at that time...her children semua dah ada kat sini.....tapi its too late..

To all my fellow friends, and anyone out there yang masih ada mak atau ayah.. please please please...jangan lah tinggalkan your mum and dad alone. Pay them a visit...because we never know how long they can still may call them every day..or every month...but trust me, they will cherish the moment when you visit them and it helps them to move on.. everytime saya visit my aunty, she always asked about her children yang dah lama tak datang visit...i can't do anything, everyone has their own reasons..tapi semua alasan tu, useless when u can't shake your mum's hand, kiss your mum's forehead and make your mum happy...kan? (ehh ter emotional plak saya)

After kebumi, me and my family dah get ready for kenduri tahlil malam tu...very tiring..penat pasang langsir and bersihkan rumah the day before pun tak hilang lagi...tapi honestly, saya tak rasa terkilan, at least saya jumpa my aunty and my last contribution was that new house. Nothing much i can help though. yela, of course my aunty mengharapkan anak2 dia sendiri kan...i'm just her anak sedara...Only kak eda, my aunty's second daughter yang selalu pay her a visit....saya salute laaahh dengan kak eda!! tengah pregnant, and ada 4 kids, she still there helping out her mum yang bed ridden.. Lepas kenduri tahlil, me and my family drove back to KL..

Actually saya apply cuti panjang nih for no reason, memang saja nak cuti and taknak pi keje, rupanya tuhan lagi maha mengetahui and HE filled my empty lists during my holidays with all of this.. I am glad, i can be there and gave my help to all of them.. On 27th december,saturday, saya teman kak eda and abg eddy balik kelantan to fetch their children. Next week dah nak start sekolah...since kak eda pregnant and can't do much work, abg eddy pun penat with all the works and dia tak dapat cuti, i offered them a help..sambil tu boleh la berjalan tengok my newborn niece! huhu...

After kenduri tahlil malam kedua, me, abg eddy, and kak eda off to kelantan. I drove for the first half of the journey sampai kat gua musang..hehe ouhh sungguh penat! but its worth it.. then abg eddy continue sampai bachok, kota bharu....
ni la rumah arwah nenek saya.. kat belakang tu rumah arwah aunty saya sebelum rumah baru dia siap....hehe saya pernah tinggal kat rumah nih masa saya baru2 lahir dulu, takdok orang nak jaga, my mum and dad hantar saya balik kampung for 2 months. nenek and my aunty laa yang jaga saya when i was a baby..huhuuuu sekarang
p/s : Salam maal hijrah dan selamat tahun baru kepada semua...
al-fatihah to my aunty and may her soul blessed by Allah swt.. ameen

Friday, December 26, 2008

choc fudge secret recipe...

Last wednesday, my younger sister, sarah, belikan cake for my birthday treat!... my favourite choc fudge from secret recipe...huhuhu..thank you cik mau(my dad panggil dia cik mau,sebab dia garang macam harimau.haha)

To mr.h thanks a million for the lovely entry kat blog awak tu and thanks for the message...hehehe made me berair mata lahh!..

Thanks to kak fathin too!! for the birthday wish entry.

To kak ahnis, thanks for the wishes and thanks for dropping by blog dikla nih..hehehe..rindu kamu sekeluarga di cumbernauld!

To Miss Z, thank you ya wish saya!! walaupun kita tak pernah berjumpa dan kita kenal pun through mr.h.. tapi kamu still wish saya..hehhe..thank u..thank u...

To mr.peaceforces, thanks for the wish! ouhh if u count your age by the years...saya count my age by months okayy... cehhs, saya tau kamu jealous! hahaha

Thank you to my lovely dad yang hantar birthday wish via sms to my phone(hahah satu rumah pun sms okay..tepat kul 12 dia send sms..hehehe)

And thanks jugak to all yang hantar sms to my lovely kak mitra yang kat australia tuu, my dear izzati pun kat australia, my best buddies from school, moliza, hidayah, my utm buddies, shima, ery,niza, my glasgow buddies, ina, kak aishah, my ex hkas buddies, uder, intan, dzul, cousin,mira, aunty chah..and thanks to dalina my ex hkas buddy,for the phone call! hehe

Thank you so much to my lovely mum yang hantar e-card to my email..hehehe(yeap..cheaper,easy to store..tahun depan pun bleh bukak email tuu)

To all yang wish kat facebook jugak! thank u!..

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes guys!

Alhamdulillah, i really had a great day!!!
bersama 2 lilin besar dan 6 lilin kecil..still young kan?ouhh aritu pi kedai beli roti, orang ingat saya baru lepas SPM..tengah tunggu result..heheheh(ni bukan perasan muda yeh..this is fact..tak caya..tanya laa orang kedai tuu)

sarah, tukang beli cake...papa kat belakang sibuk layan danish..tak pandang camera pun dia..

danish mengada-ngada makan cake tak ingat orang... and he is sooo manja!!! especially dengan my dad! haihhhh

my youngest sister azah, yang tengah tak puas hati..tak tau lah apa yang dia nak at that time... so manja jugak! and spoilt brat la minah nih..hahaha

ouh nih my sis in law punyer anak2 sedara, diorang ni dah nak balik kota bharu dengan my brother, singgah at my house nak bawak danish balik kota bharu, cuti christmas sekali ngan maal hijrah, skali ngan new year! hehehe sempat jugak malam tu diorang makan cake , happy laa my sis in law kat kota bharu tuu danish and my brother balik sanaaa..

my lovely mummy, nih tak tau laa kali ke berapa punye snap..hahahaha..she hardly smile in front of the camera...ntah laa rasanya my mum and her adik beradik (my aunties laa) susah nak senyum depan camera...coz my cousin (mira) pun said the same thing, her mum (my mum's sister) susah nak senyum depan camera..hahaha..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

goodbye 25...hello 26...

In less than 1 hour...24th of december is here again.

On 24th of december 2007 - my first day i turned 25, i received a bouquet of roses when i was doing my work in the office. Its a surprise for not only me, but most of the people in the office. It was probably the day that some of them thought, me and the sender is having some kind of special relationship...hehehe...

On the same day too, i got a new handphone as my birthday gift from my dad..hehe...At nite..I had a birthday dinner with my family, cousins and my brother's close friends at home. And not to forget all the birthday wishes from my friends all over, UTM mates, School mates and glasgow mates.

I celebrate my 25th birthday with all december babies in hkas cake cutting day. Uder, shafie, Izzati and Ms.Teh. That was the first and the last time we celebrate together since I've decided to change my workplace from hkas in menara promet to ranhill-worley in empire tower.

A lot of good and bad things happened all the way until it came to this end. It made me stronger and wiser in managing my little world.

For my 26 years old, i dont really have a specific wish though, but i am looking forward for something that will change my life and adding up my list of commitments. hahaha and of course, i'm hoping for the best all years ahead...

so...good bye 25...and hello 26! another new number for me..hehe..yeap! its only a number to record the journey of life..alhamdulillah!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dari Miss Z

Tagged by Miss Z.

On your mark, get set... GO!!!...

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1. nama dia zakiah

2. saya panggil dia miss Z (tapi tak pernah panggil pun sebab jumpa di cyberspace, saya type jer, bila kita nak berjumpa ya?)

3. saya kenal dia sebab dia kawan kepada jantung hati saya (hahaha sila muntah)

4. dia sangat pandai menggunakan kata-kata yang kadang-kadang saya pun tak paham

5. dia suka YOGA...kan?(hahahahha)

6. dia suka SWIMMING...kan? (hahahhaha)

7. yang pasti dia suka aktiviti2 ko-kurikulum

8. dia suka kira bintang-bintang ditepi laut sambil pegang parang

9. dulu, dia sering berutus surat dengan jantung hati saya(tapi masa tu saya belum jumpa jantung hati saya, so tak apa lah, tak kisah pung)

10. sekarang, dia tak berutus surat lagi dengan jantung hati saya, sebab kalau dia berutus surat, surat-surat itu pastinya akan dibalas oleh saya. hahahaha

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2. Handphone saya

3. Gelang tangan pemberian ibu saya, tapi dah hilang, saya masih berharap saya akan jumpa semula suatu hari nanti..(hilang dalam awal tahun nih kat area taman melawati,gold bracelet..ada nampak tak?)

4. Gelang tangan saya pemberian jantung hati saya (sila menyampah)

5. Kereta pemberian ayah saya (walaupun dah 8 tahun bersama, dia masih setia)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Mobile Phone

mobile phone saya akan menyambut ulang tahun yang pertama on christmas eve this year! phone? naaaaaaahhhhh i'm still in love with this phone.heheee

Semalam saya tertinggal mobile phone kat office saya. Realized it when i was driving at jalan ampang nak balik rumah. Kalau nak patah balik amik, traffic sangat sibuks dan membuatkan saya sangat malas drive. Tapi hati ini rasa uncomfortable sebab mobile phone sangat penting for me, it made me close to my other half. Tried to convince my self, "takpe lah, can still email him."

Pagi ini, masa saya sampai office, i quickly get my phone and i text him "hai ......!! (nama di rahsiakan atas sebab2 tertentu) Luv u to bits!! (ouh yeah i know..tetiba je kan? tapi that was what i felt at that time.hehe)

During lunch time, i received his reply.. "me too. me too" ouwhhhhh...its more than enough and it made my day!! walaupun saya sangat busy sebab esok pagi ada meeting!! hehe

To anyone yang rase menyampah with my post blog..suka hati saya lah nk tulis ape pung..hehehe

Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend wedding 2

On sunday nite, I had a wedding dinner invitation from a friend of mine when i was working with hijjas kasturi, Akmal, uder's brother (adik beradik, working in the same company..hehe sweet kan!) I went there around 5pm, niat di hati nak menolong apa yang patut before the nite, tapi it seems like everything settled. Intan and tina arrived earlier and they helped to hang the curtains and all. I managed to give a hand susun2 kerusi. hehe, then we went to Dalina's place to get dressed.

Back to akmal's house at around 8pm. Met uder, masa sampai petang, tak jumpa uder pun, coz she went out. So, malam baru jumpa dia. Uder's bapak asked me, intan and tina to be the usherette. Bila nak masuk junction rumah pengantin, the RELA people tak bagi coz the jalan meant for the relatives.Tina told pakcik RELA tu, "kitorang sedara, usherette" then pakcik tu bagi masuk. huhuhu...but we didnt usher anyone pun, sebab macam dah cukup jer orang nk usher the guests. huhuhu

To akmal and fadzrin.. happy to see both of you and have a wonderful life together! congratulations!

Pengantin sampai!
Akmal and Fadzrin, sama cantik, sama padan!

with hkas clans and ex hkas hehe

weekend wedding 1

On saturday nite, I accompanied my dad to his school mate's daughter's wedding dinner.My mum had diarrhoea. Jadi, saya lah partner my dad for the wedding,huhu luckily most of my dad's friend kenal saya ni second daughter dia, tapi ada some of them yang tak sure and they asked, and they said " ouhh haaa tulaa i thought you ada new wife " then they all laugh out loud. Ouh yeahh rite!!

The wedding dinner held in Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang. It was a very nice place though, the food, nasi arab! sedapppp... alamak lupa nak amik gambar. Anyway, there's one couple, kawan lama my dad jugak lah, he came with a young lady, i thought anak dia, yela, macam saya laa teman papa pi wedding,i asked my dad quietly, then my dad said, "hehh tu bakal wife dia tuu.." i was a bit shocked..tapi tak bleh nak tanye lebih2 lagi. hehehe.

Then, i met another friend of my dad, old friend jugak lah mase diorg sama2 kat UK dulu. I met this uncle once when i was small, heheh dulu, dia ade ermm 4 wives kot.. now dia maintain 3 wives but been married for 7 times!! hahaha..dia ade 4 ex wives! wahh hebat kan! Most of my dad's old friends nih keje with oil and gas company. So, paham2 jelaa, they're all managers and CEOs kaya raya, boleh laa tanggung bini ramai..hahaha anyway, i enjoyed the nite, the malay dance and the food was brilliant. My dad's friend nih married to a german lady, his daughter yang kawen nih sangat la the bride and groom, azlind and izlan, congratulations on your wedding!!

the bride and groom. blurr sungguh, amik dari jauh, tu yang blur tak nampak muka. hehe

Uncle Amer and Uncle Mad Othman (the bride's dad)

Uncle JR and Uncle Khalis

Saturday, December 13, 2008


My nieces and nephew (diorang nih sebenarnya my cousin's children, we're close to each other since they were born) came over for their school holidays last 3 weeks and stayed for about 1 week at my mum's house. Then, my mum and sis send them off to kota bharu to their grandparents house(my cousin punya in law). Excited diorang naik kapal terbang. Kids will always be kids la.. While staying with my family,my sis brought them for a movie treat (madagascar). I bought PS2 for them! costs me rm700 okay! just to make sure they don't crash my computer to play games when i'm away pi keje.huhhhh budak zaman sekarang, diorang tau jer macam mana nak on laptop and get into the internet. huhhhhhhhhhhhuuuu

After they left for kota bharu, my mum bawak balik my other nephew pulak hehehe (my brother's son) back to KL. He has been staying in kota bharu with his mum for the past month coz my sis in law is in await to deliver her second baby. My bro been traveling to kota bharu and KL quite for sometime. I assume my nephew misses his datuk and of course his aunty dalila, very much heheh. Sampai kat airport, dia terus hug me and jump into the car and hug his datuk(my father la). My mum and sis quite suprised coz he didnt cry at all. Well, i'm suprised! hahahaha he slept with me in my room and he didnt cry pun, good boy lahh...he looks happy and excited! the next day, my sis bawak dia pi jalan2 KL.Bought him toys!he didnt mention pun nak balik jumpa mummy dia..hehehe.Dia tau kot, mummy dia dah nak ada baby baru.Alahaii pity my little boy..

On eid adha,my brother brought my nephew back to kota bharu. They celebrated eid adha together while me and my family went back to JB.

On 10th of december,my mum and my two sis flew to kota bharu to attend my nephew (my cousin's son) circumcision ceremony. On the same day,while doing my work in the office, i received a message from my mum about my sis in law just safely gave birth to a baby girl. Yeay!!! alhamdulillah.

On the 10th of december jugak, after office hour, i had a small gathering with my glasgow sisters.. there was kak nina (a surgeon in HUKM),Inaara alya (kak nina's cheeky daugther) Kak syah (architect in Veritas), EJ (a medical doctor,baru balik for good.Belum tau posting kat mana lagi hehehe), Cna (Stirling Uni PhD student) Cma, (Cna's twin sister) , Eras (Cna's eldest sister) and Kina (kak ahnis eldest daughter, a pharmacology student in Auckland Uni) we had a great time catching up at DOME KLCC, sampai terlupa nak ambil gambar. hahahha

It has been a very hectic weeks for me with family and friends. Sekarang ni takde la nak cakap keje office yang banyak or what so ever about office.hahaha life in my office is sort of monotonous la jugak, but last friday, tak tau la apa mimpi my boss tu, dia suruh me, suhana, areef and the new guy, bob (senior designer) pegi wisma denmark.

Ranhill-Worley will be moving to Wisma Denmark by next year, me and my team (the architecture design team) did all the office layout design. My boss said, starting from last friday, everyweek on friday onwards, kena pi site to make sure things going on as in the drawings. Last Friday saya tak prepare pun suitable attire to go to the site, sebab my boss tak cakap pun kena pi site, saya dengan happy nya on friday pakai lah baju kurung.

Suddenly my boss cakap, kena pi site. Hadoi!! terpaksa la pegi jugak with baju kurung masuk construction area. The whole building tengah buat renovation. Floors that we went to look on pun semua tengah on construction. Its dusty, panas(for sure lah mana ada aircond lagik) and of course wearing baju kurung made me feel uncomfortable. My boss cakap, next time, wear shoes and jeans on friday and i can go back early!! Last friday, at 11.15am dah balik! huhuhu..

Anyway, Here are some photos of my lovely nephews and nieces!

Alya, 8 years old and adila, 2 years old (yang kecik ni suka buli kakak2 dia..sebab dia kuat! badan pun gumuk)

Aina,8 years old and adila (aina ni twin sister alya..half an hour late dari alya)

Alya, Adila and Aina (the 3A's nampak baik bertiga, tapi yang adik paling kecik suka sangat buli kakak kembar dia especially aina.)

Aina and Alya (masa nih diorang taknak pakai baju sama, gaduh sebab masing2 tak tau letak baju kat mana, tapi sebab takut kena tinggal, diorang pakai jer baju apa2. masa ni me and my youngest sis treat them for zoo visits)

Ni birthday party the twins celebrate kat flamingo chalet, my mum booked 1 malam for me and the kids to stay jugaks!. adila biasala menyibuks nak blow the candle, yang pakai tudung kuning tu my cousin, ibu budak2 kecik tu la)

Ni Irfan, abang to alya,aina and adila, 10 years old,memang patut pun kena masuk jawi.hahaha, itu la sebab kena hantar balik kota bharu. Sepupu2 dia pun masuk jawi bersama2 kehkehkeh. called him after the circumcision tu, he said "irfan tak nangis la, tak rasa apa pun..." ouh yeah rite, his ibu and ayah told me, he cried all the way back from the hospital.hahaha..cehhhhs

Adila, masa ni kat airport, nak fly pi kota bharu. Selamba jer dia pakai t-shirt mr.bean, and seluar tido dia..haihhh. My mum cakap, dia taknak pakai jeans.baju mr.bean jugakk yg dia cari.hehehe

Danish! my brother's son,3 years old. Happy dia pi jalan2, the curve, pavilion, memang sakan laaa berjalan.

All the attention memang kat dia the manja, especially dengan datuk dia haihhhh

Introducing my new niece, adik danish. Adelia Soulha. Weight 4.05kg okay!! wonder how my sis in law nak pushhh the baby out. Normal delivery tuuuu..respect lah! though I never had any experience, tapi dengar my friends bercerita... huhh tough job! hehehehe

Monday, December 8, 2008

Salam Eidul Adha

To all friends all over the world, Salam Eidul Adha..May all the good things will always be with all of us and blessed by Allah swt.

Currently i'm in my maktok's house in JB. Will back in KL tonight. Esok keje! haihh cuti satu hari jer.

Arrived in JB last night. As usual, my dad drove at about 140km/hr from KL to JB.laju okay! Dad said,nak bawak laju pun kena tau safety,kalau tak tau, jangan bawak laju.hmmmm.we had our dinner at machap rest area.

There's no one at maktok's house except for my family and of course mak tok sahaja!! Aunty's and Uncle's went back to their spouse side.a bit quiet. takde kiddies and babies to scream and bully di pagi raya haji.a bit bored.hmmm

Woke up early around 6.00am for subuh prayer sebab last night lupa nak pasang mosquito repellent. Kalau tak, kul 6.50am baru laa nak tersedar.subuh nak dekat abis baru nak bangun huhuhu.i gave up with the nyamuk and terus bangun coz tak tahan asik kena gigit jer. helped maktok with her dishes for today. nasi tomato! hehe, lama tak makan nasi tomato. will post out photos when its ready. Dad went off to masjid for solat raya. Its raining heavily.sejuk. i'm sleepy.Mum said, after zuhur baru pi visit tok su. While waiting for zuhur, since i finished helping maktok in the kitchen,better for me to get some sleep kan!? hehehe semalam tido sangat lah rase terganggu.hampeh punyer nyamuk!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bukit Antarabangsa, Hulu Kelang

Landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa, Hulu Kelang...

more news here ...

To all my friends and residents of bukit antarabangsa, my condolonce to you and may Allah swt helps you in any ways that could make it better. To those who lost their family members, my sympathy to you and may god bless their soul.

To the local authority and councils, STOP giving the development order for hillside development and stop cutting all the trees!! Enough is enough...

The scene is just nearby my house. Listening to the helicopters, police cars,ambulances sounds from my room and the heavy rain made me scared all the time.The news updates doesnt sound any better, up till now. The earth movement still there and they can't even give any confirmation when it will stop. I pray and hope it will end soon.

While writing this blog, i can still hear the heli sounds. I'm a bit stressed coz i can't give a hand to those people out there. My dad said , it is not safe for me to go there, the only way for me to help them is by praying and may Allah listen to my prayers.. aminn

Monday, December 1, 2008

KLIA amazing race

KLIA express with uder...smileeeeeeeeeeeee

27th November 2008 (Thursday)

5.25pm – I drove and park my car in front of wisma lim foo yong, jalan raja chulan. It was raining heavily and it took me about 1 hour to reach there from my office (empire tower) jalan ampang. Crazy traffic and heavy rain really made my heart rasa nak jatuh! Dalam hati, duk berdoa so that I could make it to the KLIA before dia boarding.

6.35pm – Monorail, raja chulan. Saya berlari dalam hujan dari wisma lim foo yong,and I don’t care apa orang nak cakap at that time, berlari-lari, pastu “excuse me..excuse me..passing thru..excuse me” naik escalator pun berlari! Mase tu rase nak langgar jer semua orang, tapi tak boleh pulak, sebab nanti saya yang jatuh huhu. Uder texted me, she said she bought the monorail ticket to KL sentral. I saw uder,she’s been waiting patiently for me to arrive, then, we queue to get into the monorail ( yesss we queue though kitorg duk cakap” excuse me” and potong queue sikit…hehehe) both of us bersempit-sempit dalam monorail tu, tengah peak hours, orang balik keje, memang la penuh! Uder said “aishah don’t worry, we’ll make it” I was worried and duk pikir what will happen if I can’t make it? Huhu

6.50pm – Arrived KL sentral monorail station. Again! Berlari dalam hujan,cross the road, and berlari lagi naik escalator and went straight to the KLIA express counter. I bought 2 return tickets for me and uder. I asked them, when is the next train, the guy said, another 2 minutes, 7pm. and uder berlari turun escalator and Alhamdulillah, we managed to hop on the train on time! 7pm train jalan, it takes about 28minutes to arrive KLIA. Dalam train,he texted me saying he’ll be leaving to get the train to the boarding gate at 7.50pm.. I called him and citer kat dia “saya and uder dah dalam train, by 7.30 will be there, saya penat sangat berlari-lari,nanti saya sampai sana, saya lari kat awak okay” lepas cakap dengan dia, I told uder and she said “ala sweet nyer, nanti saya lari kat awak “ hahhaha..i didn’t realise pun it was a sweet ayat.., until uder said that..dah lama skit baru terpikir sendiri, sweet la jugak kot!..hahahahha

On the way to KLIA, dalam train, uder jahit kain untuk dulang hantaran abang dia (akmal)..she’s a bit busy with her brother’s wedding..kena tolong prepare everything..pity the same time kena teman saya pulak..huhu..saya dah rasa relief sikit mase duduk dalam train tu, but still tired and can’t breathe properly. I tried to calm myself,and borak2 with uder but most of the time saya senyap jer... Hehehe

7.28pm – KLIA international airport. Belum sempat pintu train bukak, saya and uder dah get ready depan pintu,bila pintu train terbukak, saya and uder berlari lagi!!! Naik escalator and while running like mad, I called him. Asked him where to find him, then lari lagi naik escalator sampai level 5! Hahahah..ade lift taknak pakai….well tak bleh nk pikir dah kot mase tu..sampai kat level 5, sangat penat, tapi saya jalan dengan laju. Called him again, then, I saw him from far, I felt relief , i have made it...hehehe...dengan tak larat, saya jalan towards him, nak berlari tak bleh, dah sakit perut. Huhu

Saya dapat berborak sekejap with him at least about 20 minutes kot. Met his best friend raja firdaus. Kitorg amik gambar bersama beramai-ramai(tapi gambar2 semua kat dia, knowing him, it will take ages to get the photos…so takde laa gambar nk upload kat sini).

7:50pm – KLIA international airport, international departures hall. Its time for him to go,I wish him luck, I thank him for everything and of course..i remind him to call me,text me, and email me when he arrives there. Hahahahhaha…He gave a wink to raja, sort of telling raja that I am such annoyer. Suruh call la, text la…huhhh what ever laa dia nk pikir pun….hahahaha as long as I’m happy and I hope he’s happy too!..happy tak?! Huahahaa

8.10pm – Famous Amos Stall, KLIA airport. Uder bought cookies and sweeties. It’s from him actually, he gave the money to buy uder souvenir.hehehe then both of us went to have our dinner at burger king before amik train back to KL sentral. Uder called her mum asking permission to sleep over at my house since dah malam and still hujan. Her mum gave the permission and yay! Uder tido umah saya! At least ada orang teman saya malam tu……million thanks to u uder..sayang kamu!!..i really owe u big time! On the way back dalam KLIA express,i can’t stand it anymore, duk tahan tak nak menangis but, I can’t…I cried and cakap kat uder how I miss him. Luckily uder knows how to calm me, dia bercerita and amik2 gambar and dia suruh senyum!!..hahahah..

10.30pm – My house. Uder met my parents and we went to my room to get some rest and sleep.huhu..i was really tired but I’m so glad that I send him off. It was one of my best day in my life. To him!..until we meet again! lots of love and miss u!!

...Counting the days…