Tuesday, July 10, 2012

of year 2011


Oh my…where should I start? It has been a year and a half of abandoning this blog!

Poor bloggy... I promise not to let you down this time... Trust me! Will you? :p
I’m sorry, I’ve been hooked up with so many things... Work, everyday life and actually...
I am SORRY that i forgot to announce that...
...I’M MARRIED!!!... :D

Alhamdulillah, 2011 greeted me with so much of interesting and exciting moments.

I got engaged to my other half.. yes MR.H!!

And then, I have been posted to doha, Qatar, for site visit and of course, I have been attached to my second baby project, Qatar offshore project after Vietnam offshore project for the rest of year 2011!!..
The most challenging project I must say.. phewwwww..

And then I had my first ever experience performing umrah with my family and hoping to be there again insyaAllah…it was the best moment especially when I got to pray in front of the multazam.. I cried a lot, not because I’m not happy but because I felt so small and with so much of my wrongdoings, Allah swt still granted me with the moment that every muslims looking for. Thank you Allah..

And then, on 19th November 2011…the day when me and mr.h got hooked up..
Alhamdulillah..It was AWESOME!!..
I felt blessed with all my family members and my new family members and my dear friends gathered to celebrate our best moment in life..
Thank you!! Thank you!! And thank you!!

And then…till next time.. hehehehhe..i shall update more soon!.. Stay tune!!..