Friday, November 5, 2010

of vietnam?

i've been up and down and up and down...
work have been so attached to me... ( yup.. bukan saye yg attached to work...)

been facing numerous kind of people from all over the countries...(bukan pi berjalan pun, tapi kat office tuu, macam2 jenis orang from all over the world ada...and of course, different country, different accent..)

been bluffing everyone (client and safety engineers) with my own theory and to make sense!? (wow, didn't know i can make up a theory that make sense to everyone...kalau salah, pandai2 laaaa...huhuhu)

working as an architect for offshore living quarters, my design normally will based on the previous living quarters,(bukan susah sangat pun..tak payah nak pikir pasal concept.. hahaha) but the challenge is, when the footprint differs from the previous living quarters, there goes the design solving finding solutions with limited space and of course facing the client and the safety engineers from client's side!... (memang sangat laaa stress bila berdepan dengan safety engineers and clients yang sangat cerewet... itu tak boleh, ini tak boleh... tah ape2...bagi simple design vanity basin, tetiba nak stainless steel countertop basin.. dulu kata nak simple jer.. tak mau pakai stainless steel.. hadoiiii...)

the safety team said, there are different kind of fire protection walls when it comes to offshore well head platform...sebab kat well head platform ni laa kerja-kerja oil drilling been made...(oh yer, i'm the lead for this wellhead platform living quarters...and the burden is on me! everything pun kena amik tahuuu..)

to prevent from any explosion, certain rating of firewalls need to apply to the living quarters..
(actually, living quarters tu manning for 3 months jer every year,...tapi drilling work is risky and explosion may happen.. tu pasal laaa nak determine fire rating tu lambat sangat.. asik berubah2 jer...maybe the safety engineer tak confident kot..hahah )

once design is confirmed, there goes the report writing, material take off, weight report and all the calculations that i have to do...(saye tak suka calculation ok!!)

everytime issued all the documents, ada saja yang nak change itu ini... ( heyyy korang tau takk, if you want to change the specifications, the drawings yang dah almost 80% ready tu pun kena tukar okay!!.. ishhhhhhhh....)

so yeahhhhhhh... sampai bila nak abis???

project manager pulak, every day will call me up asking about the progress, and the expected date to issued all the reports...(woahhhhhhh stress okay, i've been telling the same thing, yet still call and ask...)

and yang paling best ayat power project manager "dalila, we have to make everything done by end of november... no matter what, end of november" berulang2 kali sampai rase, when he started to say that, nak jer ikut miming his words.. hahaha

yesterday, 1 report is done..hopefully no is another report that has to be issued by at least end of next week!!.. and every time nak issue report, i have to make sure that client satisfied with it, and to ensure the client satisfied, there goes the never ending discussion and meetings...( diorang ingat saye robot ke? ade button yg boleh pi discussion and do the reports at the same time and finish it by end of the week? discussion will at least takes about 2 hours... then nak compile everything, make sure drawings pun having the same info, then nak calculate lagi...then nak jawab phone and queries from project manager laa, mechanical laa electrical la... aduhhhhhhhhh how can i do my work smoothly kan?)

but anyway, with the stress, the burden and the time, i felt relief when yesterday the client being a bit nicer than before... he said "i'll get approval from your boss to bring you to vietnam to see how they fabricate the Living Quarters that u designed..." wahhhhhhhhhhh... relief laa tapi tak put too much hope laaa.. heheh...oh yerrr... why vietnam??..well because this project is for the vietnam's petro oil... and they fabricate the Living quarters in vietnam... will deliver to vietnam sea most probably by end of next year...weeeeeeeeeee

and another thing that made me smile...(again, not putting to much hope laa....) when my boss called me into his office, and said.. " i have discussed with the hr and they will increased your salary... we dont want you to go... we will make you stay.." okayyy saye rase he made this decision just because, suhana my colleague nak leave the company!!!.. and pandai plakk boss nak kononyer pujuk laa when at the end of the conversation tu, dia cakap... "i know, you've been doing so much work and you deserved better salary...they said they will prepare the letter next week"..... cehhhhhhhhhhhhhs.. baru tau ker saye buat keje banyak and his work pun saye yang kena buat?? hadoiiiiiiiiiiiiii... but alhamdulillah if it happens.. hehe

oh... although i have been so tired attending to the workload, i still have time sms-ing mr.h...(no dating2 session okay... nanti kena sembelih.. or maybe kena pakse minum racun as what mr.h said..hahaha... so sms-ing is enough for now although mr.h is in KL... pathetic tak?)

mr.h told me that he managed to prove to his boss and he is now lead a project for vietnam resort...VIETNAM jugak!!! lain office, lain project but its VIETNAM.. ada ape dengan VIETNAM???... hahaha..tapi project mr.h is onshore.. atas darat, mine is offshore.. atas laut...(ehh tetiba terkeluar tajuk..haha)

moral of the story... maybe no one notice that you worked so hard... but Allah s.w.t noticed and HE know the best for each of his servant...

p/s : going to miss my best colleague suhana... she's pursuing his career in other oil and gas company as an offshore architect.. all the best! lets kick something before your last day okay!

till next time!... :)