Tuesday, March 31, 2009

about yesterday

What comes when it’s end of the month?????pay day!!!! AND this cuckoo feeling!...

my office mate,suhana was on her medical leave...she had a fever and flu..and i have no one to talk to except areef and bob...i had lunch with them and another officemate...tapi having a short break of gossips with guys tak sama with having it with girls...hehe..

my dear uder has been my life saver for yesterday...hehe she called me and said "asha....i'm walking towards your office..kitorang semua nk datang melawat awak..." i was like ...." whatt?? kenapa? " but in whispering sound... tak boleh cakap kuat2..nanti satu floor dengar..hehe... uder and the rest of hijjas's staff were on their way to kampung baru lrt for the puncak baru ground breaking ceremony launched by pak lah! congratulations to the team!!!especially the team leader..en.amir...at last you've made it!! i remembered i helped with the project on snapping the site photos with orked last year or maybe late 2007? ntah laa lupa...and as usual helping out preparing some of the report proposals...sekejap jer involve in that project...sebab lepas tuu senyap jer..until end of 2008 when they said its ON! Unfortunately i've moved to ranhill-worley....oh well..there will no such thing of win win situation in this life...you'll win some, you'll lose some....:D but i am very happy that the project is on the track and hope it will run smoothly!

around 6pm when i was packing up my stuff to go home, i felt like talking to someone..tapi there's no one in that office...oh ye laa..semua pun busy with their own work...so, on the way to get my car, i called uder.....we chat on the phone for about half an hour...saya drive sambil bercakap dalam phone..ada police handle the traffic, he gave me sign to off the phone...hehehe... nasib baik tak kena samannn....anyway, after the long chat and laugh, (listening to uder's topic....sangat kelakar) i felt released... and of course happy...sebab dapat membebel to her too!! hahaha :D


i always planned my journey everytime nak balik rumah...especially bila i need to do something...for example on yesterday, which junction is the fastest way to get some cash....so,bila sampai kat mrr2, i was suppose to stop at petronas station to withdraw some cash from the cimb cash machine....tapi terlepas pulak..i made a u-turn... i noticed my car fuel dah nak abis and i should refill...tapi i don't go for petronas fuel....saya suka shell!! sebab.. SHELL LEBIH KILOMETER...dengan rasa berlagak, lepas withdraw duit, saya terus drive back on mrr2 road...there's a shell station near my house, saya plan nak fill up kat situ....BUT when i reached there, most of the fuel pump takdok minyak....but there's one pump with no "sorry out of stock" sign... saya park my car and step out, nak pi bayar... a few steps to the counter..from far the Bangladeshis tu dah buat sign takdok minyak... i spontaneously put both of my hands on my waist dan hentak kaki showing that i am really mad!!.. hahaha..drama okay!! bangladeshis tuu tengok saja la.....huhuhu..

what ever it is...i have to fill up my tank...terpaksa laa back to petronas again...with my not so friendly face, and with my mind telling i dont like petronas, terpaksa jugak pergi situ.. at the counter, when i was about to pay...suddenly i felt really blur...abang petronas tu tanya.. "berapa dik? " and i was like "ermmm aaaa ermmmm" then he asked again " berapa dik?" then i said "ohhhh berapa ye?" the abang look at me with question mark... hahaha...seriously suddenly boleh blur...then the abang asked again and i said "oh hmm rm30 saja"with my stone face… urghhhhh i just dont like spending my money for petrol at petronas...sorry la petronas people....you dont give me lebih kilometer...i dont want to pay you more..

p/s: on the way home...i listened to this song (katy perry- Hot and Cold..hahahahah.. oh memang tiada kena mengena...)

Monday, March 23, 2009

the little rascals

Oh kayyyy....

my week had been very busy with the packing in the office to move out to wisma denmark and with the little rascals in my house since it's school holidays!

everyday in the office seems to be busy, i have been traveling from empire tower to wisma denmark for at least 3 times a week... just to make sure things are going on the right track... and today, is my first day in wisma denmark. Luckily,this morning, i found it easy to park my car when i arrived...it's quite hard to get good parking spot in wisma denmark or places nearby...

this was what happened during the little rascals days in my parents house,

the eldest asked for new dvd game..then, thats it...but after 2 days, he need more new games?? i said..."no more...4 new dvd games is more than enough for this time'....hehehe... (saye memang aunty yang garang tapi baik hati..hahaha)....

the eldest, the little boy and the twins

the twins asked me to listen to their "teka-teki" and their stories during bedtime...and they even loves acting in front of the mirror in my room...mind you, the twins is turning 9 years old this year..

oh teka-teki from them,

the twins : kenapa siti nurhaliza menyanyi tutup telinga??..
me : ermmmmm
the twins : tak tau ker? okay, the answer... sebab kalau dia tutup mulut, macam mana dia nak menyanyi!
me : ?????????

kids nowdays..hadoi...jiwa sakit...hahaha

then it comes to the little boy, he has been rebellious most of the time, maybe he's been jealous since the youngest gets my attention...hehehe

the youngest is turning 3 years old this year and she's veryyyyyyy "manja" with me... she sleeps with me, she wakes me up in the middle of the nite and asking for susu!!! ohhh luckily i can be so sabar with her cute and chubby face...hehehe (dia tak menangis sangat, tapi muka sedih, dia wake me up dengan her very soft touch on my cheek...alaaa comeyl..tak tahu la siapa ajar dia..hahaha)

the youngest with her boy-ish look..hahah tomboy la ini budak kecik

my other sisters love to tease these kids...and the kids will come to me and tell me they've been bullied....haihhhh biasa laa..i bullied them sometimes too..hahahha..espececially the youngest...

the best part was, during bed time, everyone will crush into my bedroom and there goes bedtime story..oh well, not a real bed time story...it was more on luahan hati the little rascals bila dapat tau i'm dating with someone..hahahahaha

the eldest : aunty dikla, betul ker aunty dikla kawan dengan uncle H?
me : ha ah, sekarang nih kawan la, kalau we're meant to be together, then we will get married..
the eldest : aunty dikla nak kahwin dengan uncle H?? betul ker?
me : kenapa?
the twins : alaa kalau aunty dikla kahwin, siapa nak layan kitorang?
the eldest : alaa aunty dikla tak payah la kahwin..hari tu dah cakap kat ibu, jangan bagi aunty dikla kahwin cepat... nanti tak best la..
the twins : ha ah, nanti aunty dikla layan uncle H jer, abis tu kitorg ni?
me : alaaa lama lagi laaa..you guys don't worry....boleh tak kita tukar topic?
the eldest : boleh, esok kita cari dvd game baru yeh!?
the twins : alaaa kitorang nak main game jugak...
me : erm topic lain
the youngest : dila nak tido laa...
me : okayyyy lights off!!


see, the youngest memang ada soft side on me, everytime she said something, i'll agree with her...hahahaha

anyway, the house has been really in a big chaos!! they played their driving machine in the house......yesss.....in the house, i have to rolled up the carpets... kalau tak, rosak la carpet my mum tuu..hahaha

their driving machine

a week with the kids in the house, made me happy most of the time, even though i can really spend my time with the kids after my office hour, its worth it.... sometimes terpikir jugak nak bukak nursery... but my mum said "oh don't start telling me about your dreams,kejap nak bukak nursery, kejap nak itu, kejap nak ini..." hehehehehe

it has been a very busy week for my mum and dad too! they brought the kids to cameron highland...they stayed there and had fun, while i have to stay back in KL..because i have to work..haihhhhh

some of the conversation that i heard between my dad and the twins while my dad doing his work on the laptop..

the twins : atok, apa nama penuh atok?
my dad : kenapa nak tau?
the twins : saja, nanti kalau cikgu tanya, boleh la jawab..
my dad : ridzwan
the twins : bin apa?
my dad : hj. Hussain
the twins : hj hussain tu siapa?
my dad : ayah atok la..dia dah meninggal..
the twins : ooo..ermmmm
(before the twins finish their ermmmm......)
my dad : okay, boleh tak atok nak buat kerja sikit,kejap lagi dah siap kita borak lagi
the twins : okay, tapi kenapa atok selalu buat kerja kat computer? atok main game yeh?
my dad : haa main game? atok dah tua la...tak main game, atok nak tengok result bola...nanti kita borak
the twins : okay lah..

hahahahaha....my dad, he layan the cucu when he feels like to layan..but he has his own way when he cares for all his cucu...

now, the little rascals has gone back to their parents house in shah alam, they've starts schooling today... they said to me " nanti kitorang datang lagi!! " and i said "of course! with new stories and teka teki and new hobbies ya! " hahaha

their parents were having their honeymoon week, enjoying their time at home together, pergi kerja, balik kerja, tengok tv, no one kacau them..tak apa lah, ibu the kids pun tengah pregnant 8 bulan...hehe so boleh laa rehat2...next month dah nak deliver baby...adding more people in the family!! hoyehhh

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the song

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear

Louder louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say

Leona Lewis - run


he text me, asking if i have listen to this song...
and this song have been my favorite song since then...

Monday, March 9, 2009


my lovely cousin,
we used to be so close when we were a little girl,
we played games together,
we had fun together,
we used to have the same color for most of our clothes, oh and the same design too! hehee

apart from all the lovey dovey, we did quarrel sometimes.. of course..hehe
and we did merajuk with each other.. didn't we?

do you remember, when tokbak was around?,
he always be on our side,
he let us finish all his snacks in his mini market, (hahah it was fun!..i wish the mini market is still there..haihhhh)
he kept everything for us,
especially the "asam, jeruk and all those unhealthy snacks",
maybe because we're his most beloved grandchild?...ouhhh definitely..

the rest of his grandchild??...ouhh they were so naughty rite!!...
yes..we're the angels..hehehee

i cherished every moment back then,
when we didn't have anything to worry,
we enjoyed our self to the fullest,
and we didn't know what's in store for us,

as time passes by,
we moved on,
with our own path,

we went to different uni,
graduated with different field,
and now working in different country,

you, the smart girlie and sweet physics teacher in Johor Bharu,
me, oh well ermm...the architecture designer in Kuala Lumpur, with workloads that never seems to finish,

emails, friendster and yahoo messenger had been our best friends to get in touch with each other,
oh there's another site!! facebook (but i dont really fancy facebook)

due to our workload,
due to our time and other commitment,
we hardly see each other, but we see each other in the net...rite?? hehee

oh we're totally different now,
we're not a girl, not yet a woman? ahahah

my dearest cousin,
you're engaged!!,
and soon to be someone's wife!!

how time flies..

I'm happy for you,
our moment together will always stay forever,
I pray and wish,
you will have the years full of abundance,
and we will stay in touch forever...

happy engagement Kak Long!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I’ve been having this for quite a while…

I am tired of this…I had enough…

I’m trying to get over it…trying hard.. really hard… leave me alone!!...

Oh you foolish syndrome! Go away will you??!!!

Please…don’t ever come to me…I don’t want it to be part of my monthly disease…I extremely dislike you..(I’m being nice here)

Sometimes, I can be very angry when I’m having you…sometimes, I can be very sensitive and it leads to the depressing feelings and crying all nites?!...

You always bring me nuts!!…

Premenstrual Syndrome… why do you keep attacking me every month??!!

Can’t you just be nice to me?

Make me happy every month instead?! I don’t mind spending my money to kill the terrible side of you…

Sunday, March 1, 2009

tagged by mrs.faizolteha

tag ni dari mrs.faizolteha...teha ni wife to my ex-officemate..mr.faizol..hehee..okay teha..ini dia wish list ku..eheheee

oh my birthday kalau ikut calendar biasa on the 24th december, dah lepas..kena tunggu this year which is long way to go...but... kalau ikut islamic calendar..my birthday will be on the 8th rabiul awal which is this coming thursday!!! i'm turning...ermm...i dont care lah what the number will be...let it be..ahahaa

Rules of the tag:
1)Make a list of what u want on your birthday
2)The list should be 10 numbers
3)post the image of this award to your posting
4)give it to 10 frens of yours

ok,my 10 wishes!

1)sihat selalu
2)shopping kasut selalu
3)shopping handbag selalu
4)shopping baju selalu
5)happy selalu
6)pergi surau selalu...wink!
7)pergi kerja selalu...
8)pergi travel selalu
9)selalu bersyukur
10)selalu beribadat dengan ikhlas.. heeee

okay done! tapi the list actually goes on and on and on.....and on...on..on on...