Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

lotus bamboo

i skipped lunch and accompanied one of my colleague to central market to get some eye freshener!

hahaha.....naaah we went to the florist near central market hehehe...

my colleague wanted to get something for her house...saya pun get something laa for my room!!! hoyeh!!! (erkk sedih jer bunyi...semua orang ada rumah... i only have a room??)

this is what i got for myself... weeee!!!! but yet to buy the clear glass vase...
so, for the time being,terpaksa lah sacrificed my water bottle, and curi my sis water bottle...huhuhu

the lotus bamboo!

some of the fresh flowers that they have in store... aaaaaaaaahh missing mr.h!!! (tiba-tiba saja)

well, i have reasons why though..this bouquet fresh roses is similar to what mr.h gave me in 2008...hehe

okayy may my lotus bamboo sihat selalu!!! ohh need to buy the fertilizer too...haiyooo