Monday, September 29, 2008


Last saturday, me and uder went to intan's house for cupcakes was fun.. messing around in intan's mum's kitchen....thanks aunty...although i'm suffering with heart burn at that time...i still manage to join them in and out from time to time....haihhh heart burn kills getting worst....kena baring and relaks after a while...then continue masuk dapur buat one time...i can't stand it...took a short nap...then, intan called me to decorate the cupcakes with the butter cream icing......

thanks intan and intan's mum for having me and uder in their house for quite an hours and for having us for buka puasa...hehehe

these are some of the designs that made by me and uder...the cupcakes are really yummy!!

today, buat kuih raya laa konon....cornflakes honey and biskut cornflakes with choc chip... heheh ouhh yess..i'm so into cornflakes...dunnow why..memang dari dulu sukaaa sangat cornflakes biscuits...tak kisah laa..asalkan ade cornflakes.. :)

cornflakes with choc chip

cornflakes honey

Sunday, September 28, 2008

260908 my last day

It was not that sad, as what i thought its going to be....coz i've been looking forward for the new place..hahahah...but of course..leaving my beloved friends is a bit sad (eh aper merapu nih?)....but we can still see each other around rite?...
we had photo session of my last day in the office and later in the evening we went to the office buka puasa dinner at maya hotel jalan ampang...
it was great..the food was fantastic...and the deluxe room was superb!!..the girls and me went to one of the rooms in the hotel to perfom our maghrib and they gave up 1 room for visitors to pray....
me and the girls decided to have a night stay when we have the time soon....hoyeh!!!...can't wait for that day which i'm not sure when..hehehe

my design team.. shah,intan,en.amir,dzul,fatin(trainee) and jess

with serina hijjas

Gary, mdm teh,ms.karen...

rifa'i, azmi uder and linda

lizuan and nazirull

tina, rifa'i, and uder

shah, uder, athirah(intan's mate) and intan

uder and intan

inaara and zack's back side

syam,raes,dalina,uder and intan

Friday, September 26, 2008

makkah al mukarramah

with en.amir kind hearted and very gentleman....

with kak aya (organiser for all office events) and mr.hijjas (the principle of hkas)

with azhan, my all time 'favorite' kawan gaduh..hehe

En.amir, azhan and mr.hijjas left for makkah al mukarramah today(thursday)... Its quite an emotional moment when it'll be my last day to see them in the office coz i'll be leaving for ranhill worley on friday....manage to seek for forgiveness from en.amir, azhan and mr.hijjas for any wrongdoings ever since i'm working with them.....

tears drop when en.amir told me ' its a pleasure to have you here in the team and wish u all the best..selamat hari raya,maaf zahir batin..' and i said..'i'm sorry for anything that i have done that caused trouble to u, and halal kan everything...please pray for my best and i wish u the best in future...thanks for everything.selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin...' berair laa mata biler cakap kat en.amir tuu...hahaha..yeahhhh i'm very sensitive when it comes to saying goodbye...

goshhhh...seeing them leaving for makkah eventhough for a business trip, i felt really excited and it touched my feeling coz they will at least have a chance to perfom their terawih in masjidil haram (en amir told me..if he got the chance he will perfom his umrah for the fourth time!!..insyaAllah) how lucky kan!!!..

being in tanah haram for the last few days in ramadhan is a bless... i wish i have that chance...

my ultimate dream before was having a vacation in greece, will definitely change from now on..i'm looking forward to perfom umrah and hajj when ever i have the year? next 2 years? i'm going to work for it!!! ameen!!

rachel's last day

uder, me rachel,intan,linda,hafizi,azmi and rifai

azmi, intan,linda,alynn,uder,me,lani and rachel

25th september, the day en.amir, en.hijjas and azhan fly off to makkah and last day for rachel in hkas....
nice knowing u rach, and all the best in your future undertakings...
keep in touch!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

betul betul betul...

my weekend was quite good....i watched upin and ipin in the morning, tengah hari pulak,browse thru all the recipes kat internet..and start making decision on what to have for buka puasa....then kuar pi beli all the ingredients..lepas asar start berperang kat dapur...huhuhuhu..lama dahh tak rase "bestnyer duk kat dapur"

made tiramisu, belajar dari kak fathin and bawal steam with soy sauce belajar from my mum...hehe...tapi takde gambar plak.......lain kali will put in gambar..

monday is coming and it will be my last week in hijjas's office..lepas nih i'm free like a bird for a while before starting my new job in ranhill worleyparsons on the 6th of october..hehehe...

somehow i feel happy to leave my current office (dulu sedihh jerr...heheh..tapi sekarang rase happy pulakkk..)...but of coz i'll definitely miss my dear close frens in hijjas... tapi boleh jer jumpa2 lagi nanti kan!? hehe...

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Wahai Tuhan ku tak layak ke syurga Mu
Namun tak pula aku sanggup ke neraka Mu
Ampunkan dosa ku terimalah taubat ku
Sesungguhnya Engkaulah Pengampun dosa-dosa besar

Ila hilas tu lilfirdausi ahla
Wala aqwa a'lannaril jahim
Fahabblitau batau wafir zunubi
Fainnakaro firul zanbi azim

Dosa-dosaku bagaikan pepasir di pantai
Dengan rahmat Mu ampunkan daku Oh Tuhan ku
Wahai Tuhan selamatkan kami ini
Dari segala kejahatan dan kecelakaan

Kami takut kami harap kepada Mu
Suburkanlah cinta kami kepada Mu

Akulah hamba yang mengharap belas dari Mu

Thursday, September 18, 2008

orked's farewell

with orked and uder

uder,linda,lani (trainee from melbourne uni)intan,tina, lani's boyfren,shah and amed

linda and lani

lani's boyfren(lupa plak nama dia) and shah...

the guys...shafie,rifa'i, lizuan,akmal cik din and izhar

orked,intan and tina

my dear friend,orked is going to further her masters in the UK..manchester uni to be exact..

As part of hijjas's usual..we had a farewell dinner buka puasa for her last friday at pizza hut pavilion....

to my dearest orked, all the best to you...and always keep in touch kiddo!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

365 days

tomorrow will be 365 days since we've been together...

actually i am not sure the exact date and so do mr.h....both of us does'nt really care bout the date....but as time goes by.... i think i need a date to record my journey with, last week i asked him if he agree to take 15th of september as the date....hahaha..boleh ker macam tu? he said "ok...setuju" heheh thanks pakcik.....
to think about it again..lawak laa pulakk..but who cares!..hahaha

first step = 365 days....sangat laa susah and i bet it will be tougher on the next step...hahah ye ker? we will see....but i do hope for the best for both of us...insyaAllah

i don't really have a picture of us together...hehehe..bahaye laa amik gambar berdua.... ada dalam 2 or 3 times jer gambar berdua2..hehehe...anyway,this is me and him and our witness, shafie in white....shafie was the first person to know...and he really kept the secret for up to 2 months plus until the whole office knows about it..kehkehkeh... well i should say "i dont believe in office relationship.."(shahnizam's favorite quote) to keep the secret..tapi nk wat camnerrrr...susahhh nak berlakon!!..hehehe...but i am glad and,mr.h and shafie really knows how to berlakon dengan jayanye!! kehkehkehkeh..

my dearest mr.h.....365 thanks for everything since we've known each other...and million thanks for always be matter how far, u always keep me close to u... hehehe...ehhh ter "romantika" pulakkk...okay2...

and last but not least.... MR.H balik mesia CEPAT!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

ignorance is a bliss

if u can't say anything....just'll make u feel better...

true enough!!..... sometimes you need your own space kan!...sometimes you just want to be alone..though all the times you hate being alone...hmm complicated..but complicated is fun..hahaha

i need a long holiday!!!..away from KL..away from everyone that i used to see....i need to be in a place where i can see myself.....only me and me...

kat maner tapi? :(

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

big sister small sister

life as a big sister for two of my younger sisters...

everyday i have to make sure at least my youngest sis get her sahur....i have to make sure they have something to eat for buka puasa...i tried my best to cook for them..tapiii even though kuar office pukul 5 ptg..sampai umah dah nearly 7pm...nak masak macam mane?? singgah pasar ramadhan jer laa..

told sarah..."haihh tak elok laa asik beli makan kat luar.." and she said.." why? same jer..they cook the food jugak..we're not buying fast food..."

so okay laa kot if we buy the food kat bazar ramadhan...kena make sure the cleanliness of the stall and hopefully they have awareness of food hygiene before they prepare the food...hehehe...but so far...alhamdulillah..takde laa sakit2 perut lagi..

tapi one of these days...i will definitely cook for them..insyaAllah...hehehe semangat waja!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

my phone warded

my lovely handphone has been warded for at least 1 week!!.. :(
there's a problem with the mic and the keypad...haihh typical sony ericsson problem....nasib baik still ade warranty....

mum and dad safely arrived in jeddah at 4.40am malaysia time...around 12.40am jeddah time....glad to hear news from them...later in the afternoon...mum texted me...she said she's on the way to madinah....

kind of miss them.....selalu nk pi keje mesti salam dorg dulu...but today...rase macam incomplete plak.....always remind my myself...they're away only for 1 week! be cool!!

me,uder,intan,tina and orked had our buka puasa at the food republic pavilion..(hehe..luckily my sis in law ada kat umah.....and my youngest sis pun okay with it...she can manage even though i'm not at home...bagusssss)

lepas buka....i went to send my handphone to the hospital in ampang point....sebb dah tak tahan with the problemmmmm...haihhhh..
lepas tuu...went to moliza's house kat melawati...lama tak jumpa dia...she's my best friend since our high school years......biler lama tak jumpa..banyak laa benda nk cerita...catch up things and gossipping around....ish ish ish..bulan puasa punn bleh bergossip..huhuhu..ampunnnn

so day was about hanging around with friends..and colleagues....keje kat office pun tak banyak...amik half day plak tuuu...hehehehe

Friday, September 5, 2008

flying up high for umrah

"nanish nak naik tebang..."

sarah(younger sister) and mummy

kak izan(sis in law) danish (nephew) balong, papa, dikcu(youngest sis), abg eddy(cousin) me and ibu

Mum and Dad fly off to perfom their umrah for 9 days 7 nights....happy for both of them...

my first time saw my dad berair mata tahan menangis when he has to leave me and my sis for 1 week plus....

Pesan papa : Jaga diri, jaga adik2.....papa pegi tak lama..seminggu jer..will see u girls again insyaAllah....doakan semua yg terbaik...

My pesan to my dad : Jaga ibu, take good care of yourself....don't worry about me and sis..we're going to be fine insyaAllah

Pesan ibu : Jaga diri,doakan ibu and papa, jaga dikcu...take care of each good

My pesan to my mum : jaga diri, will definitely miss u...dont worry about us....i'll take care of my sisters...insyaAllah....

insyaAllah will be waiting for them at the airport in 1 week time..semoga mendapat umrah yang mabrur and semoga selamat pergi and selamat pulang..

Miss you ibu..miss you u both so much!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

mum n dad

yesterday was my dad's 53rd birthday.. me and my small family had cake cutting after berbuka puasa...hehehe...sarah bought choc moist cake from secret recipe..our favorite cake shop..huhu..poyo lahh...


me dad

tomorrow, mum and dad are leaving for umrah...they're going with dr.fatma's group for 9 days..
me and my sis will definitely gonna miss both of them so much....but we're glad, one of their dreams finally came true.....alhamdulillah...

me mum

my days in the office is a bit slow.....
today, i've been assigned by en.amir to look on the interior of ttdi office tower...not much of work this week though..and i'm so sleepy!!..heheh biler busy....pening kepala..macam tak cukup tangan nak buat...biler tak busyy...boring plakk..mengantuks...haihhhhh...huhuhu

there's an option for working hours in this holy month of ramadhan... those who want to come in at 8.30 may go back at 5pm...those who come at 9..will go back at 5.30pm... lunch hour will be half an hour only..u have to choose only 1....saye pilih 8.30 till 5pm everyday!.....hmm flexible time kan? yeke?? hahah hanye org office nih jer yg tauu...huhuhu tapi sampai rumah pukul 7 malam jugakk...jalan jammed..espesially with all people yg sibuk parking kereta to join the crowd in pasar ramadhan...huhu...

ouhh i received a message from mr.h... he said....he got his confirmation letter!!...yayy!!..alhamdulillah and congratulations mr.h!!!..boleh belanje saye and all my friends makan2 yehh..tak me marc jacobs handbagssss..."handbags" means more than one okay!...huahahaha

Monday, September 1, 2008

ramadhan kareem..

salam ramadhan to all my beloved family, friends and muslims around the world..

to my parents, i'm sorry for all my wrongdoings that hurt your feelings, i'm sorry for not being a good daughter as what expected...i'll try my best to be one... :)

to my mr.h, sorry for everything that i've done that made you feel bad...i'll try to be the best partner worries!..hehe

to my friends..i'm sorry for every words that may hurt you...( 0-0 yer!! )

In this holy month of ramadhan, may the blessings of Allah be with all of you...