Saturday, November 29, 2008

bila menangis..

KLIA Express 271108 at nite

i didn't realise uder amik gambar saya using my camera phone. i thought dia just playing around with my phone. until she said"aishah, sampai biler saya nak snap gambar awak nih?" huhuhu.terus saya stop menangis.anyway,thanks for accompany me and million thanks for your time uder.

p:s kenape menangis? coz i have to wait another at least 9 months plus to see him again...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i received an email informing one of my acquaintance back in UK passed away last saturday. .

All friends of Nurul Syifa Abdul Hadi,

I know I have not met many of you, yet it is still with deep regret that I write this message.

I sadly have the responsibility of informing you that our beloved Nurul Syifa contracted a viral infection last June. This required continuous and constant treatment, and minor surgical operations. After several months of being in and out of wards, conditions continued to worsen and due to complications, Nurul Syifa passed away on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008. She was laid to rest in her hometown of Setiawan Perak, Malaysia.

As her best friend, I know that Nurul Syifa led a good life, always cheerful and optimistic, despite having been diagnosed with Thalassemia at an early age. She grew up all over the world - Turkey, Japan, England, Malaysia. Friends meant the world to Nurul Syifa and before she passed, she entrusted me with the duty of letting all her friends know how grateful she was to have met so many of you. She truly appreciated the positive impacts and experiences you gave and shared with her, which she cherished till the end.

And so I thank you, for having been a part of her great life. She will be missed, but know that she is in a better place now.

Please pass this on to those who know her. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the family, feel free to contact me, Nuri Ramli at Love and prayers,May God bless her soul.


Nuri Ramli

Syifa came to my house with my ex schoolmate during summer break 2005 back in Glasgow. she told me about her thalassemia and how she take care of herself in the UK without family around her. she's one strong young memories with her will remain forever and may Allah swt bless her soul. my condolences to syifa's family..

Al- Fatihah to nurul syifa abdul hadi...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i like!..i love!

hoyeh! after been waiting for about 5 months plus, he's back in town for his 12 days cuti-cuti malaysia truly asia.. and his younger sister is getting married soon!.congratulations to the couple!

we met last Saturday for at least 3 hours and we had a quick lunch at the pavilion since he's having another appointment with his other friends later that evening.he's flying back to his kampung the next morning, so yeah, not much time to hang out and spend time with him though.was a bit sad because of that but after a while, I'm fine with it. i guess. hehe

anyway, he bought me a stella mc cartney peony perfume with body moisturizer and a bouquet of red roses! thank u dear!

to him, i love you and miss u always!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

antibiotics..i hate

doctor said my blood pressure is good.. its 100/, the headache must be coming from somewhere else...flu and my bad cough perhaps?

then doctor said, my throat is very bad....very dry....i have to drink a lot of water..

i went back to my office, and start filling my water bottle....its 750ml per bottle...and up till now..i have drank more than 3 bottles.. which means i consumed 2250ml water in my body...but at the same time... i went to the toilet for about 4 times! hahaha...

doctor gave me uphalexin 250 (antibiotics), cetirizin stada 10mg (for my bad flu) and uphadyl forte expectorant (for my bad cough)...

doctor : aishah, u have to finish your antibiotics...please..finish it for me, i know u're bad in eating your antibiotics and thats why u easily get infected..

me : (grin) okay..i will try

doctor : please..u have to

me : (grin) okay okay..i will

doctor : if after 4 days u still feel the same...come and see me

me : okay..

doctor : do u want MC?

me : dont want lah...i still can breath and do my work..

doctor : ha ha....okay, good

amikkk!!! antibiotic sebembann dia kasi nak kena abiskan!!..demmit!!....i hate smells horrible!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

a cat lover?

I’m not feeling well since yesterday afternoon after meeting up with my ex colleagues from hijjas…
I went to see the girls and had lunch at the pavilion foodcourt with intan,tina,linda,lani,alynn and farah…uder ada keje last minute…dia tak join the lunch together…dalina went to the tak dapat jumpa jugak..tapi sempat laa jumpa uder..peluk2 and chit chat for a while with her at the office lobby…. Almost a month plus I didn’t get any chance to go to pavvy due to my laziness to drive or walk..or even amik public transport….normally on Friday, I will go back home straight after office and reach home at around 12.30noon.heheheeee….after zuhur baru laaa merayau2 with my mum or my sis…

I woke up today feeling a bit tired and a bit emotional… biler tak sihat…senang jer rase sensitive tuu..hehee..i saw a cat outside my house…tengok from sliding door…nampak dia minum air kat my mum’s waterfall… I told my dad…and he said ”ouhh kucing tuu kena langgar tadi tak tau laa saper langgar…kaki dia sakit..tu yg jalan tak betul….biar laa dia minum air tuu….” Tetiba rase macam sedih nyer..poor cat… then I asked my dad pa, boleh tak dikla nk bagi dia makan? Coz ade cat food utk kitten yg mati dulu tuu..tak bukak lagi…” my dad said okey…hehehe

Dengan tak larat sebb selsema and sore throat, saye pun pi amik cat food tuu…campurkan ngan nasi..and bagi kucing tu makan…….rase macam best plakk tengok kucing tuu makan dengan bagusss sekali….hehee

Lepas melayan kucing yg tak mintak dilayan tuu…. I have to get ready to send my car for service, dengan sakit2 nih jugak laa..pi service center kat melawati... waited for about 20mins..then tak larat…called my dad to pick me up…sampai kat umah…I saw the cat lie down kat tepi pasu…dah kenyang makan kot….. asked my dad..boleh tak nk jaga kucing tu..? then my dad said “ boleh if u know how to take care” hehee…I said….i will learn!..then my mum plak cakap…..”u can, but jangan bawak masuk umah…kalau nk bagi makan….semua kat luar…” fair enough!!!...

harap2 umur dia panjang……after bagi makan tadi dad cakap..” ouhh he should be okay..nanti sembuh laa kaki dia tuu…dalam cat food tuu ade all the vitamins to heal him up..” ouh yeahhhhhh…

Okay kucing!..u can stay here!...i called him kucing …

banyak2 tempat...this is his favorite spot...malam tadi pun saw him lie down kat situ...hehehe...

dia dah besar..tapi sebb i bought kitten food..kire bolehhh laa...esok i will try and find proper cat food...whiskes maybe? hehehe..yeahhh spend all your money!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tentang seseorang..

penulisan dia sangat menarik... dia kenalan rapat kepada seseorang yang penting dalam hidup saya...

kami belum pernah berjumpa..mungkin satu hari nanti...

kepada dia...teruskan MENULIS!!

jangan kamu risau mengenai YOGA dan RENANG..kerana ia bukanlah satu senjata..hahahaha...

dia adalah miss z

Sunday, November 2, 2008

assignment from mr.fahimi and mr.hady

Starting time : 1803 hours

Name : Aishah Dalila Binti Ridzwan

Sisters : 2

Brothers : 1

Shoe size : 7

Height : 167 cm

Where do you live : L.K, UK,KL

Have you ever Been on a plane : Yes

Swam in the ocean : yup!.

Fallen asleep at school : always..especially during history class

Broken someone’s heart : ngeeeee...yessss...i guess

Fell off your chair : yes

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : not really

Saved e-mails : yes

What is your room like : cosy and light!

What’s right beside you : cactus from my beloved friends in hijjas..

What is the last thing you ate : roasted beef..nyummms

Ever had Chicken pox : nope

Sore throat : always

Stitches : nope

Broken nose : nope

Do you Believe in love at first sight : nope

Like picnics : very much!

Who was were the last person You danced with : uder and intan at the red box pavvy!..ahaha

Last time you laugh : yesterday nite with my nieces...they're really funny!

You last yelled at : my youngest sister..asking her to tidy up her wardrobe!..gosshh she really made my blood go upstairs..

Kissed anyone : my nieces

Get sick : ermm once every 2 months?..

Talk to an ex : naaaah

Miss someone : yup

Who do you really hate: backstabbers and hypocrite people

Do you like your hand-writing : yup

Are your toe nails painted : once,few months not anymore

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : my parents...when both of them went for outstation laa

What color shirt are you wearing now : pink!

Are you a friendly person : yup if i'm comfortable with one

Do you have any pets : gold fish and small fish consider a pet tak?

Do you sleep with the TV on : nope

What are you doing right now : eating toblerone choclates while designing office layout for my mum's friend's office in urban melawati

Can you handle the truth : yup

Are you closer to your mother or father : both..mother father

Do you eat healthy : have to!

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : hmmm yeahhh

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : my best friend hidayah coz she knows me well from school years till now...and.. mr.h

Are you loud or quiet most of the time : loud and quiet

Are you confident : yup when i know how to do things..haha of course

5 things I was doing 10 years ago (1998)
1) form 4 in smk taman melawati
2) practising for Commonwealth games 1998 opening ceremony
3) admire someone from sekolah gombak setia..heeeee
4) taking care of my arwah nenek
5) study study study for spm

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) sponsor the elderly to perform their hajj
2) build my own rest house somewhere far from the city
3) travel around the world
4) buy my own jet for my traveling
5) have my own pilot..hahaa

5 places I am living in
1) Newcastle Upon Tyne, England UK
2) Miri, Sarawak
3) Skudai Johor
4) Glasgow, Scotland UK
5) Lembah Keramat, Kuala Lumpur

5 people I tag
1) Uder
2) Kak fathin
3) Intan
4) Tina
5) Teha (wife faizol)

teka teki..

i went to see my nieces and nephew in shah alam with my mum and my maktok... we had our dinner and watch sehati berdansa!...while watching..the kiddos asked me lots of teka teki but i answered 1 correctly and the rest i gave up...hahaha..malas nk pikir

this is teka teki from budak darjah 2 okayyyy..hahaha

1.banyak-banyak bukit...bukit aper yang ada bintang? - i answered this correctly!..bangga!..haha (bukit bintang) sape tak tau...memang teruk la nih..haha

2.banyak-banyak ikan..ikan aper besar kat kepala..kecik kat badan?
(ikan bilis pakai helmet) ade ker??? budak2 been confused by the lahh jadinyer

3.apa yg ada 6 mata, 3 kepala dan 8 kaki?
(cowboy naik kuda bawak ayam) this is really hampeh!!...hahahaaha

4.banyak-banyak sungai..sungai apa yang perlahan?
(Sungai siput) bagus betul budak2 nih..tau name sungai kat mesia...hahahahha

5.ada seekor gajah dan tikus...diorg nak seberang sungai...biler tikus lalu..jambatan tuu patah..biler gajah lalu aper yang patah?
(gajah tu patah balik) tertekannnnn dengan all the answers....hahaha

okay itu je yang saye ingat...banyak lagi teka teki merapu the kiddos tuu...they really made my nite!..hahahah..gelak pecah perut dengar dorang bagitau the jawapan...jawapan yg rase nak ketuk kepala sendiri kat dinding...hahahahhaa

ni the youngest...adilla sophea (picture was taken on her 2 years old birthday dinner 19 july 2008)

this is alya sophea and aina sophea..(picture was taken ermm last few months...both of them is 8 years old)

this is irfan...the eldest..(picture was taken few months ago...he is 10 years old)

this is me and aina sophea (picture was taken few hours ago)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

open house alynn...

hoyehhh..received photos from alynn..thanks kiddo!

the open house was on saturday 18th of october..went there with rifa'i and shafie...

rifa'i being so nice to me and shafie..hehehe..he fetch me at my house and send me back...he fetch shafie too!..then i dont know if he send shafie home or not...coz maybe they went out together after sending me that nite....tak tau laa kalau dia drop off shafie kat mane2 kan? hahaha

met my ex colleagues or should i beloved friends from hijjas..yess they're my friends.....

sempat laa bergossip with the guys....and of course with the girls too! although the girls looks tired on that day..they can still put a smile on their lovely face...cayalahh korang...u girls rock!....actually they didnt get enough sleep due to the mekah internal exhibition..or ermmm..presentation on that morning..alahaiii kesian depa...sabtu pun kena keje...huhuhu...well that's life, but i'm sure they enjoyed it...kannnnnnn :)

met aniza's school friends at alynn's house.....elis..hehe..what a small world..aniza is my best friend since utm years...

dearest alynn..thanks for inviting!! the food was great! and i like the teh tarik!!..hehe..the cakes..yummyyyy...u've been such a great host...

from left - Linda, Azmi, shah, rifa'i, me, tina, intan, alynn.. at the back..shafie and kawan azmi(forgot his name la)