Thursday, January 29, 2009

she says

I've been waiting for your call...

Even though I'm speechless and have nothing to say...

I wish I don't have to put down the phone...

It's like having you beside me...

And not wanting to let you go...

even if the world sets us part...

by uder

p/s : the writer spontaneously write it out and she read it to me the moment she called me just now, maybe just to say how much she miss me.. ohhh so sweet uder!!.. the end of the phone call, she said.."don't speculate anything.." ahahhahahahha..

p/s/s : uder, abis tu, what gives u the idea to write that down if not because u miss me? what? what? habaq mai cepat..... hahahahahah

Monday, January 26, 2009


I was blog hopping and i found this post 'fake it if you must' .....true indeed.......hehehee

Suddenly the 'senyum' song came up in my mind.... i typed down the lyrics on that post comment box and dr.No continues the lyrics....heheheee

While doing my work in the office yesterday, Uder called me..i told her about the song..we laughed ahaha..we once sang that song out of nothing..just to put ourself a good smile..

I guess this song really gives everyone a good smile...hehee and it made me to link up my blog to Pp and dr.No.. nice reading your blogs and smile always!!

I tried to find the original song in the net, but i failed...fortunately, there's an edited version and he played the guitar very well.. thanks to dr.galway for sharing your version of the song in your blog... smile! :)

Senyum seindah suria
Yang membawa cahaya

Senyumlah dari hati

Duniamu berseri

Senyum umpama titian

Dalam kehidupan

Kau tersenyum ku tersenyum

Kemesraan menguntum


kepada semua

Senyumanmu amatlah berharga

Dengan senyuman terjalinlah Ikatan…

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I was chatting with him when he said "tu la" to some matters...

Suddenly i remembered about this brand from uk.. 'tula' (ouh yeah..i seldom pay attention to what he said when we chat online...hahahahah sorry pakcik....dont be mad...huhuhu)
I googled 'tula' website...and there you go!! beautiful handbags and purses made from the softest leather!!.i love the simplicity and the richness of the leather in each design...unfortunately, i can't get them in malaysia...

In Malaysia, they have 'radley'.... radley is another brand similar to what 'tula' has but i dont like the radley logo...(logo hanjing lah..huhu)

i WISH i could get one of the tula's handbag and purse...hints..wink! (i know not even in my dream to get it from anyone...i have to get them by myself..sigh....tapi dalam hati masih mengharap..hahahahhaa)

Friday, January 9, 2009


Second entry for 2009...

I have been tagged by kak fathin, uder, and intan plus some other of my aquaintance... i manage to do some of the tags and i am slowly doing it... so here are the tags came from uder...

I tagged uder and she tagged me back..hadoiiiii..hehehehe

On your mark, get set... GO!!!...

Tuliskan 10 perkara tentang orang yang TAG kamu:

1. Nurul Huda Bokhari....called her..uder..

2. Suka Kuda!!!...Kuda is like her kekasih nowdays!...banyak2 orang yang dia ada..she misses her kuda more........

3. she enjoy horse competition! her last achievement was her endurance horse competition at TER ganu..

4. kami kembar, lain parents, lain tarikh, satu ofis..serina kata, we are inseparable...hahaha (yeahh i remembered when serina said" are u two sure u're not from the same school? u attached to each other so well" hahahaha)

5. slalu pakai baju yang have similar look.. walaupun tak rancang.. (what to do~ twins kan?and i just love it when we wore the similar look baju..ahahhaha..)

6. dia pernah ajak saya join gi kL marathon under yang best lagi memenatkan..hahaha...definitely bestest lah...tido kat office..bangun kul 4.30 pagi...huaahhh lepas tuu sakit kaki seminggu!!)

7. kami pernah naik ambulance sama2 semasa KL marathon (selepas berlari dan berjalan selama 10km..ehh ermm tak ingat lah berapa km..tapi masa tu dah rasa kaki nih nak patah...hahahaha)

7. kitorang pernah MASUK compound bangunan PARLIAMENT oK~!..(sebab dia salah bagi direction nak pi site kat Bank Negara..hahahhaa)

9. kitorang pernah amik half day leave, just because nak pergi tengok backstreet boys concert kat sunway lagoon bersama2 dalina dan orked. Masa tu uder won 2 VIP tickets and 2 entrance tickets from

10. saya sayang kat dia, macam saya sayang kat adik2 saya..(kadang2 saya rasa dia nih memang adik kembar saya yang lahir 2 tahun selepas saya...bukan macam upin dan ipin yer...beza 5 minit aje...hahahhaa)

Masukkan emoticon yang kamu suka: :D (grin)

Senaraikan novel kegemaran kamu:

1.Cecelia Ahern's

Senaraikan 5 benda yang kamu sayang:

1. diri saya
2. orang yang sayang saya...(erkkk...hahah)
3. hadiah dari kawan2 saya
4. hadiah dari kekasih hati saya
5. hadiah dari ibu bapa saya

Tag 7 orang dengan link blognya:

kamu... eh saya tak tau la link kamu...kamu masukkan lah link sendiri...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


First entry for 2009...

My 3 months probation with ranhill-worleyparsons finally has come to an end last tuesday (6th january)

On 7th january, my head of department told suhana(my officemate) about our probation period but he didnt tell us what is our status after the probation.....Me and suhana waited till the end of the day to get any news about our status, but unfortunately, my HOD didnt tell us anything just yet.

Today...after lunch break, I called the HR officer to ask about it...

Me : Hi selvan, this is aishah dalila from architecture department..

Mr.Selvan: oh hi miss aishah, what can i help u?

Me: ermmm, well, ermm...its about my status... i believe my last day for probation is on the 6th january which is last tuesday..i'm just wondering if i will get any confirmation letter or is there any problem?

Mr.Selvan : ouh yeah.. ermm, we have extended your probation....

Me: ohhhhh ermmm but why? (shocked)

Mr.Selvan : its because of the bad perfomance..

Me:ohhhh...hmm but... (silent and scared..bad perfomance??)..

Mr.Selvan: (laughing) miss aishah dalila, i'm just joking... yes, we have confirmed you and the letter is ready..will pass it to your head of department soon..

Me: ohhhhhh thank you!..(but i'm still blurrr and shocked with the joke)

Alhamdulillah... Glad and happy with my first achievement in 2009! hoyeh!! can't wait for appraisal next april...huhhhuu

work even harder!!..heheheee